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Essays on Project Management - Use of Techniques, Skills, Knowledge, and Computer-Mediated Communication, Stakeholder Theory in Different Perspectives Assignment

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The paper “ Project Management - Use of Techniques, Skills, Knowledge, and Computer-Mediated Communication, Stakeholder Theory in Different Perspectives” is a worthy variant of assignment on management. Project Robin Hood was run by the City of Melville providing grants of $100,000 to projects carried out by the community from 2013 (Community Development, 2015). The main objective of Project Robin Hood was to enhance participation of the community; support creativity ideas for community-owned projects and construct a better relationship between Melville City and the community. It was pre-initiated by exploring the ‘ participatory budgeting’ concept for projects driven by the community.

In this case, the on-line allocator tool was used to vote on the projects by the community to aid in distributing the $100,000 for twelve selected projects. This approach ensured that the community had the authority to make decisions and take responsibility. The community assumed that the applications for the project met the required funding criteria and thereafter involve the public to vote on the projects they want to be implemented (Community Development, 2015). The project was facilitated by the Youth Advisory Council of the City and some of its initiating tasks included its provision of framework and funds and the outcome decided by the community.

Financial and social support from the City also aided in the project implementation. This saw the project being able to provide local businesses, individuals and community groups with up to $50,000 small grants (Community Development, 2015). Other major initiating tasks include changing Willagee resident’ s local Park to be among the favorite places as it planned to install an adventure park which is community nature-based. They also installed community seating for Riseley Centre shopkeepers and added a shed at Murdoch Community Garden.

All the projects were developed by the community, for their user community but with the funds obtained from Project Robin Hood (Community Development, 2015). Week 6It is important for you as a manager to analyze how best you can reach out to your stakeholders for information as well as elicit the needed requirements to complete project work. It is critical to the success of the project to know and understand the stakeholders (Chickha, 2017). You need to identify if the stakeholder has an interest in the project or may be impacted by the project.

Thereafter you analyze the project’ s impact on the stakeholders (or their impact on the project) as well as the support (or resistance) they may give. From this, you will be able to assess how likely they are able to respond to given circumstances/situations, in these high-cost overruns. This analysis and mapping identify vital stakeholders, highlight their issues and concerns and helps in assessing their commitment level in reviving the project (Chickha, 2017).

This implies the use of an effective communication plan and creates a continuous dialog with all stakeholders after which you as a manager will obtain feedback. Finally, you will carry out continuous assessment and follow-through activities to validate and evaluate communication processes. As a manager, you have to note that stakeholder theory is understood in different perspectives (convergent stakeholder theory, instrumental stakeholder theory, descriptive stakeholder theory (Scott et al. , 2006). The three theories, however, work through a common denominator stating the entity stake stakeholders perceive to have within the project. Descriptive stakeholder theory informs you as a manager that stakeholders have various expectations and take part in certain behavior types that can at times be destructive or constructive; it is your duty to prevent the destructive ones (Scott et al. , 2006).

Drawing your basis their perceived stakes towards the project, the behavior of stakeholders will aid in accomplishing the objectives of the Perth Arena project and avoid delays. This will congruent with the mission of your project as a manager. As a manager, you will have to be able to highlight every project stakeholder’ s objectives so that you can manage your desires effectively.

To attain success and avoid criticism from the public, as a project manager, you must be completely versed in ensuring that you manage the interests of stakeholders in multiple especially when it comes to urgency or legitimacy as stated in instrumental theory. Proper Project Stakeholder Management framework will ensure that you maximize the positive impact and minimize detrimental impacts stakeholders may pose on the project outcome. This will eliminate delays and cost overruns.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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