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The paper "Management Communication Issues" is a perfect example of a management assignment. In this video, Glen Beck is of the opinion that the U. S president, Obama is on the verge of imitating a civil war as he has nothing to lose. Becks strongly argues that the U. S should be prepared to play the middle ground between the president and the Republicans as Obama is set to legalize illegal immigrants. Glen Beck’ s style of presentation is imbalanced and subjective. His sole purpose was to inform the public using credible sources and evidence.

Instead, his presentation shows that he already has a side, which means he is biased. I would not express my point of view in that style as not everyone in the audience would agree with my take on the issues. As such, I would present facts supported with evidence from various sources and leave the audience to decide on which side to take. Question 8.1.2 Fox News, (2015). Officer shot in Paris terror attacks was Muslim, report says. Retrieved 8 January 2015, from http: //www. foxnews. com/world/2015/01/07/officer-shot-in-paristerror-attacks-was-Muslim-report-says/ According to Greg Palkot, Fox News foreign correspondent, the French police officer shot in Paris capital during a terror attack was a Muslim.

In his reporting, he gives evidence, which leaves the audience convinced or persuaded by the assertion. Notably, the news reporter is neutral as he leaves the audience to decide for themselves if indeed the police officer shot was a Muslim. Question 8.1.3 The informative presentation aims at helping the listener or audience understand a topic, technique, or issue in a precise manner, while the persuasive one aims at motivating the audience to change their minds as well as adopt a new idea.

An example of an informative presentation is whereby the speaker seeks to discuss a topic about how to write a perfect speech. On the other hand, a speaker, who aims at convincing an audience that politics is a dirty game is an example of a persuasive presentation. Question 8.2.1 Midsomer Murders, a program on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation ABC Television makes use of staged scenes in delineating investigative murder cases as well as blackmails. They use this kind of visual communication for the viewer to get more insight as well as an idea of what transpired during the real incident.

Similarly, the Cronulla riots, a documentary on SBS Television also uses staged videos to help the audience understand deeper what transpired during the Cronulla riots. Conversely, the two programs differ in terms of visual communication duration: Midsomer Murders uses its visual aids to tell much of the stories in the entire program.  


Tarlow, B. (1974). Admissibility of polygraph evidence in 1975: An aid in determining credibility in a perjury-plagued system. Hastings LJ, 26, 917.
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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