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The paper "Asthma and Exercise by Couzen" is a delightful example of an article on category. 1. What are the species of the model/study organism? Patient with Asthma 2. What is one piece of interesting information found in the introduction? Asthma is a chronic disease and some of the symptoms are is difficulty in breathing and lungs being filled with air. The other point of interest is the objective of the study that is the effect of an exercise program and vitamin D supplementation on performance and respiratory indicators in patients with asthma (Couzen, 1991).   3.

What are the major question and / or hypotheses studied in the journal article? The following are the issues of the study; - How does aerobic exercise help patients with asthma? How do both aerobic exercise and supplements of vitamin D help patients with asthma? How does vitamin D alone affect asthma patients? What are the effects of asthma patients who do not do exercises and use vitamin D supplements? 4. A sampling of the study? The sampling took place in Ilam, Iran. Whereby 32 women with asthma volunteer to be the sample size.

To determine whether the women who were asthmatic or no a clinical examination, pulmonary function tests, a skin prick test for aeroallergens, and a six-minute walk test (Couzen, 1991). The participants were allocated four treatments that are as follows; - 8 weeks of aerobic exercise, aerobic exercise, and vitamin D supplementation and vitamin D supplementation alone. The control group did not participate in the exercise program and did not receive vitamin D supplementation. 5. Choose one experiment from the study a) Describe the experiment One of the experiments done was an aerobic exercise that lasted for the duration of 8 weeks.

This 8-week exercise program comprises of 30 minutes session of the exercise per week. There the stretching, walking, and running is part of the task (Couzen, 1991). b) What are the prediction and response variables for the experiments? The prediction is that the ones who were doing aerobics and vitamin D supplement had improved pulmonary function. c) Describe how the evidence supported/ answered the primary hypothesis /questions? The experiment showed that the group involved involvement in an 8-week aerobic exercise and vitamin D supplementation program and the one involved in both aerobics and vitamin D supplement showed a decrease in FEVI, FVC and 6- MWT.

This shows that this exercise could improve the airflow in the lungs (Couzen, 1991). 6. What was the major conclusion of the study From the findings, I can conclude that aerobic exercise and vitamin D supplements would improve pulmonary function and activity tolerance in asthmatic patients. This remedy could be used as a non-pharmacological treatment and as part of the pulmonary rehabilitation program in asthmatic patients used by specialists.

This will help in economic savings in terms of reducing health costs. The analysis met the objectives of the study and was regarded as successful. Future searches in the same field can attract different approaches to getting accurate results. They include the use of modernized technological equipment to carry out the measurement, data entry, and analysis.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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