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The paper “ Anyone Can Be a Successful Entrepreneur” is a fascinating example of a business essay. In the modern world, entrepreneurship has become the most common job choice for many people. Given the rewards and challenges of running a personal business, it is important to consider various characteristics of an entrepreneur. A successful entrepreneur should be goal-oriented, hardworking, initiative, self-confident, and persistent in his/her actions. Other than the personal traits, anyone can become a successful entrepreneur if he/she is good at making decisions, ready to take risks, and learn from failure.

Time consciousness is another important characteristic of successful entrepreneurs. Heeding the lessons learned from failure is one of the famous quotes of Bill Gates, who is the owner of Microsoft Corporation. Mack Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook quotes that the biggest risk is not taking risks. It seems that anyone can become a prosperous entrepreneur if he/she acquires characteristics, which are consistent with the traits of the already successful business people. Characteristics of a Successful EntrepreneurThere is a great likelihood that those people who set realistic goals may succeed in business. The goals set should also be challenging, but, can be attained after some time.

People willing to become prosperous in business ought to be goal-oriented in that they monitor the progress of work and assess whether the set objectives and goals are achieved or not. The assessments should be carried out over specific periods where progress in business operations is evaluated continually. Although money is used to measure the performance of a business, successful entrepreneurs tend to achieve the set goals first before even determining the profits (Weidinger, Fischler, and Schmidpeter 2013, p.

154). Completing the tasks enables the businesspersons to evaluate the financial performance, for example, after a fiscal period of one year. Hard work is another important characteristic of successful entrepreneurs. Thus, people should be ready to be committed to their jobs, working for long hours so as to achieve success.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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