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The paper 'Changing Organizational Culture' is a great example of a Business Case Study. Pasha Fashion Incorporation is a business entity specializing in cloth line fashion and design. It was established eight years ago by Isobella Manchini after her parents emigrated from Italy when she was still young. She started the business from scratch as its sole proprietor and multitasked herself as the owner, designer manufacture, and marketer after working for five years in the fashion industry in Australia. Pasha Fashion Inc. targeted the mature women market and specialized in creating elegant day-wear for women between the age bracket of thirty to forty years unlike the common trend in Australia which concentrated in only shorts and singlets.

She employed designers of a remarkable portfolio which took the business’ sales a notch higher. As a leader, she employed a good working culture in her business which saw her employees enjoying their work. The employees were rewarded for their hard work and they enjoyed flexible working conditions with their employer working side by side with them. The business was doing well under her leadership until when she decided to go back to her country of origin and that is the point when things started getting worse for the company. 2.0 PASHA FASHION INC.

UNDER THE OWNERSHIP OF ISABELLA MANCHINI:   The indicator of the management behavior is always the company values and employee behavior coincided and reflected on those values which are both real and affirmed values (Larry and Bob, 2003). Isobella did achieve the trust of her employees because she developed congruence between her herself and the employees and also fulfilled her deeds and what she said to them.

She created a culture where her employees could act with integrity and speak their minds. This is seen where she allocates a certain time for her employees to allow them to balance their job and private lives.   In terms of Organizational culture, Isobella Manchini invested so much in the Organization values and beliefs that made the company a success. She managed to do this by allowing and adopting honest discussions and healthy debate, communicating straightforwardly, respecting them, and openly to her employees and listen to their concerns.

We can evidently see these organizations' real values by observing the Pashas business, management behavior trends, especially in times of crisis. She gave her employees good and flexible working conditions and was there when they needed her assistance. She rewarded them for their job achievement and hard work. The employees were also very loyal and turnover was in no doubt doing well. This also made the employees work more effectively and efficiently, maintaining punctuality, and increasing company revenue. 3.0 ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR Organizational structure is referred to as the field of study which examines the impacts imposed by the behavior of group dynamics, individuals, and structure within the organization settings with the aim of improving the organizational effectiveness by applying such skills and knowledge.

Organization structure consists of three major determinants factors namely, Structure individuals and Groups The importance of Organizational Behavior is reflected whenever people of varied cultural values and backgrounds efficiently and effectively work together.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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