Essays on Workplace Diversity in Australia and the New Zealand Banking Group Limited Case Study

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The paper 'Workplace Diversity in Australia and the New Zealand Banking Group Limited " is a good example of a management case study. Established in 1835, Australia and the New Zealand Banking Group Limited or ANZ is both a retail and commercial bank that mostly operates in Australia and New Zealand and in other 30 different countries. Despite the fact that the bank is the third-largest in Australia based on the market capitalization, it is still the largest Bank in New Zealand. Based on reputation, ANZ has actually earned itself numerous recognitions like for instance during the year 2008, it was named as being the most sustainable banking institution in the whole world under the “ Dow Jones Sustainability Index” .

The ANZ Bank, apart from dominating in both the commercial and retail banking also specifically concentrates in consumer banking, finance and insurance, corporate banking, global wealth management, investment banking, private equity, mortgages, credit cards, private equity, and investment management. A move at looking at workplace diversity in a banking or financial institution like the ANZ Bank is quite different as compared to other known corporations since almost each and every individual in the bank actually interacts or comes into contact with different workers or employees each and every day.

Due to this fact, the issue of workplace diversity does not only rest with the top management of the organization but also with each and single-member working in it which may include among other casual employees like security guards and cleaners. This being not only a modern trend but also a concern to most of the multinational firms all over the world, this essay is aimed at looking at how workplace diversity is applied at the ANZ Bank Australia with an aim of better comprehending the numerous practices, strategies, and issues which need to be enhanced so as to ensure that workplace diversity in the organization is applied effectively.

This essay, in particular, puts into consideration the fact that most of the banking institutions, the ANZ Bank included, normally deals with numerous or diverse people both externally and internally.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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