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Running Head: apotex operation management problems Apotex Operation Management Problems of the of the of the Professor] [Course] Introduction Every firm in the business environment operates to create value by offering quality products and services. In this regard, quality of products and services become the ultimate parameter for analyzing the long term business prospects of organizations. Quality dimensions are all about assessing the performance, durability, reliability, aesthetics, and other factors related to quality of products and services. The major purpose of the discussion is to analyse the quality dimension of Apotex; one of the leading Canadian Pharmaceutical Companies and largest producer of generic drugs in Canada.

This is followed by discussing the Demings Philosophy in regards to company’s operations and management. Quality Dimension of Apotex Quality dimensions can be used at a strategic level to analyze the quality characteristics of products and services. The concept was introduced by David Garvin based on the interpretation of quality factors enhancing the appeal and signifying the operation practices of business organizations. Quality dimensions in regard to Apotex have been discussed as follow: Performance- performance signifies the importance and utility of products being perceived by users on the basis of benefits and value derived from them.

When the expected performance of products exceeds s the real performance, there is dissatisfaction among customers. In regards to Apotex, it can be said that the company produces more than 400 generic drugs and exports in more than 100 countries. This states that the performance of the products is quite good resulting in mass acceptance. Reliability-Apotex’s products are very much preferred in and around the world making it one of the highly reliable pharmaceutical brands in the world.

Furthermore, there are more prescriptions filled with Apotex in Canada compared to any other pharmaceutical brand making it one of the highly reliable brands. Durability- As a matter of fact, generic drugs come with an expiry data and in this regard, the durability lasts for few years and in many cases for few months depending on the nature of the drug. However, Apotex makes sure to be honest while highlighting the durability of products. Serviceability- In the pharmaceutical industry, drugs cannot be repaired or mended for further use and often are not subjected to modification.

The service factors include replacement of drugs along with offering substitute drugs. Thus, the nature of serviceability is completely different in this regard. Aesthetics- Design and features play an important and crucial role in making the product acceptable. However, in regards to the drug industry, aesthetics do not play an important role and pills and potions come in varied size and shapes depending on the characteristics of the drug. Thus, aesthetic is not very important in the context of Apotex’s drugs.

Features- As stated before, the drugs offered by Apotex are generic in nature and are used for treating wide arrays of health related issues. It can be said that there are a number of healthcare drugs being offered to make the lives of millions of people easy and comfortable. Perceived Quality- The perceived quality of Apotex’s products is quite good being accepted and used by millions of people across the world. Furthermore, people have invested their trust in the company making its products more reliable. Conformance to Standards- Drugs are subjected to the approval of FDA and failing to do so puts a strict ban on medicines.

In this regard, Bruser (2014) found that Apotex sold few drugs with the knowledge of being defective. Furthermore, test data were also destroyed to highlight the fact and thus putting a question over acting as per the prescribed standards. Responsiveness- Silverman (2014) stated that in terms of responsiveness, the company failed to be responsive on many occasions. When the FDA issues warning letters, there was very little response from the management raising questions over the company’s operations.

Professionalism- there is no doubt that in terms of professionalism, the company has an edge and advantage. With a dedicated R&D at place and skilled employees willing to enhance the image and reputation of the company; the overall level of professionalism is quite good other than being responsible; that the organization failed when confronted by the FDA. Attentiveness- In terms of attentiveness, it can be said that Apotex failed to be attentive to the warnings of FDA and was accused of manipulating the quality control data.

Additionally, the organization also failed to be easily available when required to be. Part-2: Demings Philosophy Baker (2009) stated that Demings Philosophy covers the basic fundamentals like Plan, Do, Check, and Act often playing an important crucial role in defining and enhancing the quality measures being undertaken. The Deming’s Philosophy has been discussed as follow in the context of Apotex (Deming, 2000). Plan- The major goal and objective of the company is to offer high quality and affordable medicines to healthcare system throughout the world. For this purpose, the company has heavily invested in R&D, quality control measures, laboratories, and skilled professionals willing to create a difference with their knowledge (Oysterville, 2014).

Do- the company has implanted its plan and objectives in many countries making it one of the highly trusted and visible pharmaceutical brands in the world. Additionally, the company also have higher management to formulate strategies and working upon them as a team. Check- the company constantly checks its growth and development and operations by analysing the quality control measures and its significance and loopholes. The company also has a dedicated quality management department.

Act- the company has been accused of manipulating quality tools and measures and has been acting wise by illustrating its stand. Overall, the company has been acting efficiently. Conclusion Based on the above discussion, it can be said that the quality measure tools being employed by Apotex are efficient and effective but have been marred by the manipulation of quality measures. Overall, the operation management seems to be efficient and effective making the company grow and develop in the competitive business environment. References Baker, E M (2009).

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