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The paper "International Marketing - Apple" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study. The aim of diffusing products to an overseas market is to increase the share of the product market and increase returns on the balance sheet. International marketing engrosses the recognition of the fact that people across the globe have different needs and preferences. Apple Company has brands that are recognized across the globe just like Gillette, BIC, Coca-Cola, and Cadbury Schweppes. It is important to identify the global audience of products the business intends to sell through a consistent marketing mix while understanding regional differences (McGuire & Baker, 2010).

The differences in values, languages, customs, and currencies will infer that some products will only suit specific countries despite being global markets. For instance, iPad and Gillette razors advertising in India and China require a focus on local languages due to important regional differences. The global marketing environment must be assessed at an international scale by carefully scrutinizing the overseas potential of markets. It may take longer to obtain relevant information because some locations may be unfamiliar. Also analyzed are the potential market size, type and degree of competition, price, product and promotional differences, alongside barriers to trade and the cost-effectiveness of various transport types.

Apple should evaluate the scale of the investment and make consideration to long-term and short-term targets for any sufficient returns (Popper, 2010). For the company to start exporting, it must establish a market for the product and the extent to which it needs to be adapted for markets overseas. Direct Marketing Risk ManagementDirect marketers in local and international contexts take large financial risks depending on their judgment.

Direct marketing is yet to recognize risk management as a crucial component in campaign development. Campaign managers do not want to be enslaved by chance but can confidently reduce and manage risk in product campaigns.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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