Essays on International Marketing for Apple IWatch Case Study

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The paper "International Marketing for Apple IWatch" is a great example of a marketing case study.   International marketing calls for far-reaching and tactical marketing strategies. A company should employ the correct strategies so as to get a market share for its brand overseas something which requires the company to have an excellent economic background. A good example of a company which has succeeded in international marketing screening is the Apple Company which was founded in the year 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. This paper seeks to critically evaluate the international market screening and market selection process as a means of effective positioning of s brand overseas target markets.

A well-researched literature review from relevant journal articles will be the start of the analysis. Important concepts used by successful companies across the world such as Apple will be drawn from this literature review. The paper will also be critiquing the selected company’ s international marketing screening. Another area of importance is the chosen company’ s – Apple- competitive advantage. In conclusion, the paper will feature the key points concerning international marketing screening and market selection process.

The extent to which these general marketing methods apply to one of the most successful products by Apple, the iWatch will also be researched on. Literature review William and Curtis (2008) said that companies get a competitive advantage when they base their core competencies on the brands features. This is exactly what the Apple Company did on their iWatch. They were in a far much better position to succeed in marketing their product than their competitors. According to Boone and Kurtz (2013), there is a lot of imitation in the aspect of competitive advantage; things such as the cost-benefit are easily imitated by competitors who access cheaper resources.

They, however, proposed that companies should adopt a strong image of their new brand since such aspects of competitive advantage can not be easily imitated. This explains why Apple’ s iWatch has continued to enjoy a continuous uncounted competitive advantage. According to Richard (2001), the first stage in international marketing is the screening of relatively large countries by a select and a limited number of already laid down criteria. The result of this first stage is a smaller and reliable number of countries with a relatively high potential for customers.

The outcome should select not only the most suitable countries but also minimize two errors which include; spending too much time which has reduced prospects and can not be of any help to the company, and avoidance of those countries which have the high potential for a huge customer base. The second stage is the in-depth assessment of the selected countries based on relevant variables such as the company’ s total sales potential which can be sourced from the primary data.

In this stage, uneven sub-sample of countries which is smaller than the first one is attained which are mostly one top three countries. This is the kind of screening approach used by Apple in marketing the iWatch. However, Richard further says that there is still another screening applicable where the company selects a particular segment group of people. Here the company identifies the group with the highest potential of purchasing and embarrassing their product.



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