Essays on Corporate Governance - Apple, Siemens, LG Company Case Study

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The paper "Corporate Governance - Apple, Siemens, LG Company" is a perfect example of a business case study. Corporate governance is an essential aspect in the understanding of organizational behavior and consumer behavior. The interests of the customers involve the quality of products and services. For shareholders, their main objective is to realize the growth of the company in the stock market. The success of Apple, Siemens and LG Electronics has been attributed to their ability to produce products and services that are relevant and effective in their respective markets. There are however issues related to corporate governance that has continued to limit the success of these businesses despite their presumed success.

The board of directors and the management are the decision making bodies that define the direction of any aspect of corporate governance, the process of making these decisions is highly dependent on the demands of the employees, the customers and the shareholders Keywords: Apple, Siemens, LG, Corporate governance, Shareholders Apple, Siemens, LG Company Introduction Corporate governance has become an integral aspect of the definition of organizational growth and performance. In addition, through corporate governance, it is often possible for a company to devise a technique through which the organization can ensure the realization of its goals and objectives (Linzmayer 2004, p.

14). It is the responsibility of the management and the board of directors to develop a technique through which the divergent interests of different stakeholders can be compromised and realized without that any form of disagreement. The stakeholders include the customers, employees and shareholders (Lüsted 2012, p. 10). The interests of the customers involve the quality of products and services.

For shareholders, their main objective is to realize the growth of the company in the stock market. In the case of employees, the main objective is to be engaged in a process that inspires personal and organizational growth (Lüsted 2012, p. 23).


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