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Apple Store Homework Channel Apple Inc Store Channel Location: Colorado, Pasadena Day: Last day/ time visited: Timer: Duration of visit: Introduction This present paper revolves on the retail environment but it mainly focus on the concept of target market and it is written with reference to the Apple store that is located 54 W Colorado Boulevard Pasadena, CA 91105 pictured below alongside a sample of an advertisement. The paper will present answers pertaining to the issue of target market in relation to this store. Photo of Apple Store Pasadena Source: https: //plus. google. com/photos/at/100910861241254745411?hl=en Sample ad of Apple Inc Source: http: //www. google. com/imgres? imgurl=http: //www. tribuneindia. com Demographics According to McQuarrie, demographic in simple terms refers to “quantified statistics of a given population or studies relating to a given population based on various factors that include employment status, age, sex, race, social status, income level, and level of education, among others (29). Psychographics McQuarrie defined psychographics as the study and classification of a population based on psychological criteria such as lifestyles, attitudes, values, interest, and aspirations, among others (35-37).

McQuarrie further added that psychographics aids in creating a detailed customer profile for marketing purposes (37). Typical customers profile of shoppers at the Apple store Since Apple Inc sells a variety of products and services, the shoppers in the stores are usually diverse people and hence they cannot fit a single profile.

In regards to Age, it is noted that most shoppers are usually in the age bracket of 16 to 35 years mainly because the stores commonly deals products and services that are technologically inclined and therefore appealing to shoppers in this age bracket whom majority are tech savvy. In terms of gender, it noted that both gender visit the stores since the products and services sold are not gender biased.

Thirdly, majority of the customers in the store are mostly White shoppers who make up a big percentage of the total population in Colorado but, there shoppers from other races as well. Lastly, the median household income in Colorado is $55,000; these facts are according to the United States Census Bureau. Age 16 to 35 years Gender Male and female Ethnicity mix White, persons Hispanic or Latino origin, African-Americans, Asians, and mixed races, Income level Less than 55,000 Overview of customers From the experience noted during the launch of the iPhone 5 series it became evident that the store customers are seasonal purchasers who only visit the store to buy the latest product or service and will only come back to make a replacement, purchase a newly released product, or make inquires.

Psychographic profile of the Apple store’s shopper Most of the Apple’s customers live of the fast lane of life that is aided by high-end technological gadgets, which makes life easy and interesting. Secondly, the customers have a high interest for high-end technology and they are usually appreciative of technological inventions.

Thirdly, most of their activities involve use of technology such as socializing through social sites. Lifestyles Modern people living a fast paced life Interest and opinions High-end technology and fascinated by technology Activities Utilising high level technology for various tasks Works Cited McQuarrie, Edward. The Market Research Toolbox: A Concise Guide for Beginners. U.S: SAGE Publications, Inc. 2011 Print United States Census Bureau (2013). State & County Quick Facts-Colorado. Retrieved from: http: //quickfacts. census. gov/qfd/states/08000.html. Accessed on [30.04.2013]

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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