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Apple’s Advertisement Strategies Integrative Marketing Advertising Strategy Apple’s advertising strategies have shown exemplary results as to the awareness and diversity in international customer satisfaction (Kerber, Laseter & Russell 2007). Apple works towards providing a wide range of 3rd and 4th generation gadgets and appliances, resulting in being the most modern electrical and technological company in the world. In order to reach the international market satisfaction, Apple strives to showcase their products in different manners that continue to be effective in enhancing international sales. Market segmentation is primary in employing an advertising strategy.

Apple Inc projects a wide market throughout the world and retaliates by meeting worldwide advertising standards. A few of Apple Inc. ’s advertising undertakings incorporate extensively influential industrial counterparts such as the Super Bowl, where Apple Inc. produced a commercial in 1984. Apple’s advertising always seems to be ahead of time, featuring the use of visual artistic impressions and the use of world renown icons such as the link to Mahatma Gandhi in the ‘Think Different’ campaign. Modern showcasing recognize Apple’s efforts in lavish displays such as the iPod New York Museum of Modern Art, bringing out the splendor in their products.

Other marketing strategies may include brand and market mixing. Apple indulges in a wide range of products such as the iPad, iPod and iPhone, which all fair perfectly well in the international technology markets. Apple’s advertising strategy has proven a very effective tool in enhancing the company goal of being the leading communication technology provider in the world (Inside CRM Editors, nda). Marketing effectiveness can be measured in terms of clientele coverage in the information technology segment of infrastructure.

Apple enjoys a wide market for their dynamic production, which can also be used to explain the effect on the organizational core objective and goal. Through a good market, Apple Inc is able to maximize their sales, hence revenue, hence being parallel with organizational goal in meeting organizational objective of profit maximization. Advertising effectiveness is measured in terms of the sales, which project to 1.4 million customers’ quarter annually. Marketing strategy department for Apple prove very resourceful in meeting the goals of the business. In relation to customer satisfaction strategy, meeting customer demand is essential in the development of a good marketing strategy.

Apple Inc. seeks to satisfy customer demands by creating a wide range of products ranging from phones (as the iPhone) and devices (as the iPod and the iPad). Meeting customer demands is a dynamic process and entails constant revamp as the development occurs in the field of expertise (McNealy, 1994). An evident customer satisfaction strategy as the development of the iPhone through the generations to the iPhone 4 has seen the achievement of a state of the art recognition for Apple Inc. In conclusion, the customer expectation gap for Apple has been addressed through the frequent upgrading of products through the different phases.

Through the Apple Inc. ’s lifetime, it has experienced constant upgrading while trying to cope with the customer expectation of modern technology. Additionally, Apple has generated goodwill from their customers through the provision of long lasting products, thereby meeting the customers’ experiences of their products. Reference Inside CRM Editors. (2011). 11 Effective Strategies Apple Uses to Create Loyal Customers. Retrieved 16th November, 2011from http: //www. insidecrm. com/features/strategies-apple-loyal-customers/. Kerber, R., Laseter, T. & Max Russell.

(2007). Strategic Product Creation: Deliver Customer Satisfaction from Every Level of Your Company. Massachusetts: McGraw-Hill Professional. McNealy, R. (1994). Making Customer Satisfaction Happen: A Strategy for Delighting Customers. California: Springer.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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