Essays on Apple's Environmental Analysis to Choose a Correct Competitive Strategy Case Study

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The paper “ Apple’ s Environmental Analysis to Choose a Correct Competitive Strategy" is an engrossing variant of a case study on marketing. Apple Inc. is one of the leading and most prestigious mobile and computer manufacturing companies in the world. The company has experienced immense growth especially in America, Europe, and Asia and Australia. The company gets a majority of its sales form phones, computers, monitors, music players among other products. It is ranked as one of the most valuable and prestigious brands in the world today. The uniqueness of its products has seen the company increase its market share in the last decade to become a leading technology innovator and provider for the while world.

At the helm of apple's success, competition from other players in the telephony and computer manufacturing has intensified as major corporations increase their innovative powers by coming up with competing products. Apple gadgets run on an operating system that is unique to Apple products only. This is unlike the rest of the market which has embraced other forms of technology such as windows and android. These are the main rivals of Apple products with Google’ s android taking a majority of the market. The android wave in smartphones and computer tablets took the market by storm and this has taken part in Apple’ s market; for instance, Samsung which is also a leading mobile and computer gadget manufacturer (West, Mace, 2010, p.

270). The company uses android operating systems for its smartphones (Lin, Ye, 2009, p. 617). Most competing rivals with Apple use the android operating system which is widely accepted in the global market (Sahu, 2010.) In this scenario, Apple intends to adopt the android system by buying rights from the provider Google.

This will be entering into an already dominated market by its rivals. However, Apple will continue with its other lines of products and strategize on how to enter the android market. In this scenario, Apple intends to produce a line of Apple android smartphones that will be introduced in the market to compete with other android operated gadgets. Among its products, the iPhone is the most common in the market and is a favorite of many consumers. Main findingsThough Apple has dominated in its line of products for the years it has been in operation, the android and windows phone market is eating away on its market share.

This is despite an increase in its overall sales (Vergara, 2012, 13). This has been facilitated by the increase of mobile telephony penetration in the world especially in developing and emerging nations in Asia and Africa (Dhir, Kaur, Jere, Albidewi, 2012, p. 27). Apple products are considered high end and expensive compared to other products in the market that serve the same purpose.

In order to remain relevant and competitive with giants like Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, strategizing to include the other market options and varieties is paramount for the organization. Environmental analysisIn the year 2013, the android phone market dominated the industry with over 80% of the market share. This is in comparison to a 13 % market share that Apple had. Though both market shares increased, it was realized that android was actually taking over part of the market that Apple dominated. The trends and projections further suggest that the android and windows phones market is going to continue growing due to its diversity and affordability globally.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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