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The Impacts of Apple’s iPad on Consumer Decision Making The Impacts of Apple’s iPad on Consumer Decision Making In a market where consumer choices are increasingly complex, the most common question aroused would be how the customers are going to respond to a newly launched product. Evidently, the Apple’s iPad will influence every element in the retailer market and thus will have higher impact on the ‘consumer decision making process’ (I Pad poised to revolutionize retail industry). In fact, Apple has always been concerned about producing and delivering the best, which made them one of the world’s most renowned electronic companies.

In addition, the sustainability of the company could also be attributed to the well designed marketing strategies applied by the Apple. Recently it introduced the most innovative and technological device—the iPad, which has now become the market leader of its category of portable electronic devices. While launching iPad, Apple hadn’t defined any precise market for the product; and the result was that the aesthetic appeal of the product was liked by people of all demographics. The adolescents’ role in the promotion of electronic gadget was thus proved once again in the case of Apple’s iPad.

The Apple’s potential to influence the consumer decision making has already been proved with the introduction of iPod. This product targeted mainly teenagers and travelers. However, shortly after its launch, it became an essential gadget for everyone who wanted to listen to music. iPad will also gain wide popularity creating a unique market of its own; and whoever believes iPad to be inconsistent will be considered an alien. The major impact it would cause on retail industry is that it would enhance the e-commerce experience as iPad would provide easy access to product data.

The retail market would become customer- interactive since customers can easily post their feedbacks and suggestions to the related company. On the other hand, it will also work as a sales assistant because sales persons can use the device as interactive catalogues. Studies show that high income group consumers who are also techno savvy are highly inclined to purchase the iPad. Statistics show that in 2005, there were more than 22 million adults who owned iPods in US (cited by Macworld Staff).

The iPad will have a higher statistical data to be shown in recent future, because it has a personality focused effects on the consumers, like changing lifestyles, creating passion, and option for innovation. The users consider the iPad to be a trend setter. Let us personify it having two important characteristics—being Queen and being an Actress. Queen refers to the features like calming, tranquil and very sociable. On the other hand, Actress is all about fascinating, striking, and innovative.

Edward Brojerdi, president of MDC Innovation Partners said that, “without a doubt, the iPad will have a dramatic impact on the in-store retail experience” (I Pad poised to revolutionize retail industry). In total, iPad will be considered as a pacesetter and the most desired item for all sorts of consumers. This image would help Apple to gain advantage in the market over the upcoming competitors. I would purchase this product for several reasons. Its amazingly thinner and lighter design and alluring appeal are the primary concerns. Moreover, it is more comfortable than any other device for surfing web, checking mails, and watching movies etc.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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