Essays on Apple's iPhone Advertising Campaign Case Study

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The paper “ Apple’ s iPhone Advertising Campaign" is a  breathtaking example of a case study on marketing. Apple Inc is currently worth $ 624 billion and is ranked the most valuable brand globally with a brand value of $ 98.3 billion. The company is known as the epitome of innovation with one of the products being the iPhone range of smartphones. In terms of sales volume globally of smartphones, Samsung has market leadership at 32% followed by Apple at 12% (Kovach, 2013). However, in the US, Apple’ s iPhone accounts for 40% of the US smartphone market share (Schweizer, 2013).

To attain such a position in the market implies that there is a concerted effort including innovation and aggressing marketing through actions such as advertising. Advertising has an integral role in convincing existing and prospective customers about the value to be derived in purchasing a certain product (Pickton & Broderick, 2005, p. 458). This report analyses Apple’ s iPhone advertising campaign which is on TV, Online and in magazines/newspapers with the focus being on Gold iPhone 5s advertisement. The AdvertMarketing is one of the key areas that companies utilize to increase their sales.

By having the right marketing strategy, a company reaches its target market hence selling its products. Apple has used television advertisements in comparing its products to those of the competitors. This has ultimately built a brand image for the company’ s products as it has become a household name among consumers. These humorous adverts develop the company image. the key marketing strategy that has driven Apple to where it is today is its secretive and selective unveilings. Through this marketing strategy, Apple keeps it a secret on products to be released.

More so, it holds “ invitation-only press events” when new products are being unveiled (Modi et al, 2010). Thus, this creates a lot of suspense and hype on the market. Apple Inc engaged TBWA\Media Arts Lab, to create an advertisement that could spur their capacity to unlock the deeper magic of their brand (Gianatasio, 2013). Gold iPhone 5 s is the 16th generation of iPhone smartphone series and the successor of iPhone 5 whose production had been discontinued. After the launch of gold iPhone 5s by Apple Inc, they did a print version of an Ad in the back pages of several magazines (Hamburger, 2013).

One week after doing the print version, the company launched the TV/ video version with the spot labeled “ Metal Mastered” . On TV, the video advertisement ran for 30 seconds. The advert got a debut during Fox’ s NFL coverage and it was the edited version that was shown during the launch of the same product. In the video advert, a liquid gold spills across the screen in a T-100 style and then consolidates into an iPhone accompanied with a background soundtrack of “ Ohh La La” from Goldfrapp’ s that have been in other ads for other competing brands such as Motorola (Gianatasio, 2013).

Subsequently, after the formation of the gold into a phone, a pointer finger emerges from the bottom edge, selects the home button and unlocks the phone (Hamburger, 2013). In a nutshell, it is a brief version of the video showed during the launch of 5S/ 5C in mid-September.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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