Essays on Harassment of Underage Staff in MacDonalds Case Study

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The paper 'Harassment of Underage Staff in MacDonald’ s" is a good example of a management case study. Peter is the human resource manager in McDonald's where he has been working for the last five years. He embraces workforce diversity where he has been working towards making sure that the working environment is accommodative. Peter has ensured that the workplace can accommodate the diversity of the employees. In the process of making sure that the employees are in a position to relate well with each other, he has developed a working environment that respects the different cultural backgrounds.

The employees are made to recognize and appreciate the differences existing among themselves. As a result, he managed to eliminate the conflicts among the employees due to the cultural differences. However, Peter has been receiving complaints from the underage staff that they are being harassed in their places of work. Peter has been thinking of creating a separate working place for the underage employees to avoid harassment and increase their productivity. However, the managers from different departments are considering the idea to result in workplace discrimination.

The employees in any organization are expected to be treated in the same way with any aspects of discrimination regardless of their race, ethnic background or any other aspect of discrimination. Besides, separating the underage employees from the other staff is likely to escalate the level of discrimination as the conflict is likely to increase. However, Peter perceives his idea as the best strategy for eliminating the harassment of underage staff in their workplace. Besides, creating separate working places for underage employees is likely to affect the motivation levels of the other staff.

The other employees are likely to feel discriminated hence affecting their commitment to work due to a decline in morale. As a result, their productivity can decline hence affecting their organizational performance. The situation is leaving Peter in a dilemma on what to do in the process of addressing the situation as he has tried to talk to the employees concerning the dangers of harassing the underage employees but in vain.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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