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The paper 'Applied Channel Systems - Wal-Mart " is a great example of a marketing assignment.   The investment portfolio is considered to be market neutral if it aims to find to fully avoid some of the risks of the market, mostly hedging (Bolton & Ockenfels 2009, p. 445). For us to evaluate the market neutrality, it becomes necessary to specify the risks that need to be avoided. A good example is the attempt to fully curb the fluctuation in the price of the stock. A good look at the market would show no relation with the unwanted source of risk.

This is through the assumption that the market is neutral which in most cases a very rare situation is. Wal-Mart argues that in the short run, the deviation of the Equity principle can occur because of competitive reasons. However, in the long run, this is not the case. According to the principle of equity, poverty eradication is one of the major international elements that are used to sustain development (Amico & King 201, p. 653). This kind of principle has always been mentioned in a consistent manner in the international instruments in the development field, economic, human rights and the law concerning the environment.

It has been observed that due to competition, various manifestations that include lack of income and the productive resources that are sufficient to ensure and sustain the livelihoods; hunger and malnutrition and other sources of poor quality of life occurs as a result of the deviation from the equity principles. At the root of development that is sustainable, there is the belief that the resources of the earth belong to all the generations (Alfric 2004, p. 36).

As a result, it is argued that the present generation would be having no right to interfere exhaustively and irreversibly in the human relations with the natural world so as to deprive the future generations, of the environmental, social and the economic opportunities of the well-being (Ahmed, Hassan & Pit 2010, p. 96). Conflicts that arise due to the deviation from the equity principles are short terms meaning that, the deviations results due to problems that arise in different as everyone tries to compete for the resources.

However, the generation rules would always solve issues and ensure that they are on the right track. For example, no continent or country has exclusive rights to the natural resources of the earth. The resources have always been handed over from the past generations and as a result, the current generation does not have any obligation of transmitting them into goods or even to enhance the conditions of posterity. The intergeneration equity has been employed in the current international instruments and call to states so that they ensure that there are a just utilization and the allocation of the resources between the past generation, the current generation and the future generation.

This requires the attainment of a balance between meeting the demands of the consumer of the existing societies and also ensuring that there are adequate resources that are available that can accommodate the needs for future generations. However, due to the short term problems that human beings experience, they a time find themselves overexploiting the current resources in one way or the other (Alfric 2004, p.

35). This is only a short period of time before the concerned authorities realize what they are doing and as a result, instill measures to not only correct the damages that have been caused but also to ensure that such a thing does not happen again.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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