Essays on Transplantation a Channel Design from one Country Directly to Another without any Modification Assignment

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The paper "Transplantation a Channel Design from one Country Directly to Another without any Modification" is an outstanding example of a marketing assignment.   It is never advisable to take a channel design from one country to a different one before doing any modifications because it is bound to be faced with problems. Modifications should be done on the channel design to ensure that the goods and services it is offering will be able to provide exactly what the customers in the new country are demanding. Business is all about customer satisfaction and competition with the other players offering the same products and services.

What the channel is offering should be in line with what the customers need. Modifications must be made in terms of the prices of the products being offered and the quality or level of those services Coughan et al (2006, 154). The prices and the quality of services that a channel is offering should not be at a disadvantage when compared to the other channels operating in the same country. If anything they should be higher or the best. These are the things that management should give much attention to before taking any channel design to another country.

The quality of the services and product together with after-sales service should be modified to fit in the new society. The likes, dislikes and preferences of the new market should be studied before modifications are made. Anything being done should be done in comparison to the players already in the market of the new country. The channel design being transferred should be tuned to offer something different from what is already being offered in the new country.

If it has to be the same let it be offered in a differed way so that the channel can appear to be unique. Failing to make modifications is not good because once a gap has been established; it becomes costly to close it. When customers are dissatisfied and have already decided to move to a different supplier for better services, their actions may cause the supplier they are abandoning to incur heavy losses Coughan et al (2006, 155). In some cases, the end-user of the product may be advised to destroy the product.

This is very costly to the seller because there is no revenue fetched from this product. Taking back that product that is unwanted is also a costly affair. Any channel design being transplanted to a different country must be reviewed for any possible formation of demand-side gaps since they affect performance. If this fails to be done then the channel that adopts the design will encounter gap formation Coughan et al (2006, 156). Before transplanting the channel, the managers need to give attention to the demand side in order to avoid the gaps that may come thereafter. The prevailing market conditions and the demands and expectations of buyers differ from country to another.

This is dictated by things such as policies, market trends, personal likes and dislikes among other factors. These factors which determine the pattern of purchasing cannot be expected to be the same in every country. As a result, it is important to consider that what works for a given channel in one country will probably not work for the same channel in a different country.

It, therefore, demands that the demands of the customers in the new host country be considered to determine how the channel will be operated Coughan et al (2006, 158). Failure to do modifications on the channel means that when it begins operations in the new country it will be faced by serious marketing problems.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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