Essays on Marketing Metrics and Consolidated Media Holdings Case Study

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  The paper "Marketing Metrics and Consolidated Media Holdings" is a great example of a Marketing Case Study. The report herein analyzes the marketing performance of Consolidated Media Holdings using marketing metrics. It starts with a brief review of the company profile and its area of engagement which is the media industry. The report then evaluates marketing metrics as an area of study with specific reference to its justification as a method of performance measurement in the modern business context. The report makes a review of the usability of the concept of marketing metrics with regard to areas of its application.

A summary of the attributes that companies measure using this technique is reviewed. The rationale behind its popularity among modern marketing executives is expounded. A detailed review of the available literature is made with a view of guiding the assessment of the specimen company. The literature concerns majorly three sub-topics. The first is the significance of planning in materializing the usability of marketing metrics. The second one is the institutional theory that underlines the importance of culture and history in assessing performance. Finally, the aspect of market orientation and the contribution it has had in measuring performance from the customer’ s point of view. The chosen metrics are analyzed each at a time.

The data used is gathered from the company’ s annual reports. The trend is compared to overtime. Then a comparison is made with three close competitors namely APN News and Media, News corporations and Southern Cross Media Group Limited all of which serve the same industry. Finally, a conclusion is drawn from the analysis of the metrics. Consolidated Media Holdings is noted to be faring comparatively well.

The hurdles identified are noted and possible causes well pronounced. In light of the discussion and the conclusions reached, a recommendation is formulated based on the professional principles on the best cause of action the company should take to enhance better market performance in the future. 2.0 Introduction The specimen of this study Consolidated Media Holdings is a media investment company operating in Australia. The company has stakes in Foxtel and is a joint owner of the Fox Sports television. The company has made commendable progress in the last couple of years standing out firm even in times of global economic meltdown and hence the choice to study its market performance. Based on its market engagement and financial performance this paper will evaluate the impact the investment strategy of the company has had in comparison to other players in the media industry.

The focus will be the years between 2009 and 2011 inclusive. The entities of comparison shall be APN News Media, Southern Cross Austereo limited and News Corporation. The last few decades have seen many scholars take an interest in the analysis of market performance.

This to a large extent has been propagated by the huge investments that organizations are throwing to marketing. This explains the rationale to assess just how many investments bear financial and sometimes non-financial returns. Marketing metrics have been on the center stage as the basis of this assessment (Ambler, Kokkinaki & Puntoni 2004). The performance methods in the field of marketing have been subjected to much criticism on grounds of being short term oriented just as many performance measurement techniques. Also, critics have complained about the numerous techniques in use that make comparisons just impossible.

There has also been a concern for little attention accorded to the shareholder value creation. Marketing metrics has proven to a great extent as to rationalize the aspect of performance measurement in marketing. This approach pays attention to what the whole company performs and the extent to which customer preference has been sought. It widely applies the tools of accountants to assess the input of the marketing function to the financial well being of the company (Ambler 2000).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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