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The paper "The Role of Integration and Scope Management in Relation to Project Management" is a wonderful example of an assignment on management. For the last many decades, the field of project management in research and its application for the organizational achievement of goals and objectives has been on the rise (Harrison & Dennis, 2004, 32). Organizations engage in various projects that include product development, launching a marketing campaign, erecting a new branch, and ensuring improved customer service among other projects. Employing project management techniques enables organizations to accomplish their projects in a more efficient and effective manner while at the same time contributing to the society and ensuring the maintenance of their competitive advantage in the business environment (PMI, 2013, 33).

With this information, this paper seeks to analyze the role of integration and scope management in relation to project management, describe the tools used in collecting requirements, generate at least 20 requirements for defining scope, and describing whether five requirements were achieved. Introduction Project integration involves activities aimed at identifying, defining, combining, bringing together, and coordinating all the processes involved in project management.

The specific activities necessary for successful project integration include characteristics of unification, enhanced communication, among other integrative actions that enhance project execution from inception to completion while at the same time taking to meet all stakeholder expectations and requirements (PMI 2013, p. 58). On the other hand, the project scope is the description of what is required to be done throughout the project and thus the definition of project objectives and goals. What is the role of integration as defined by the PMBOK? The main role of integration according to PMBOK is that of ensuring the smooth flow of project coordination with management activities within the Project Management Process Groups.

Secondly, integration facilitates the alignment of knowledge areas into the project management framework through control point deliverables (Gray and Larson 2000, p. 61). What contribution does it make in project management? Integration brings with it many positive contributions to project management. According to the PMBOK, the integration helps in developing a project charter, developing the project management plan, directing, and managing project work, monitoring and controlling project work, performing integrated change control, and aiding in the closure of the project or certain project phase (Gray and Larson 2000, p.

47). Development of project charter This implies the process of coming up with a document that helps the project managers to officially authorize the existence of the project work and authorize them to utilize the available organizational resources to facilitate the project activities (David & Ronald 2006, p. 107). This ensures that the project acquires a well-defined start and clear boundaries, ensures that there is a formal record for the project, and provides a framework for the management to formally admit the project kick-off and commit their efforts towards the project success. Develop Project Management Plan This is another important contribution of integration into project management.

The development of a proper management plan is indeed critical for the success of every project work (PMI, 2013). Generally, developing a project management plan involves the entire process of defining, preparing, and coordinating the subsidiary plans and making them appear like one integrated and comprehensive project management plan.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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