Essays on Future Career Perspectives in Applied Behavioral Science Essay

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The paper "Future Career Perspectives in Applied Behavioral Science" is a great example of an essay on psychology. I am an Applied Behavioral Science Major student and plan to venture into private practice after graduation. The move will give a chance to help save marriages by becoming a marriage counselor. The practice will give me a chance to apply the skills taught to me and help my community. Applied psychology is the practice use of methods and findings in psychology to evaluate and solve practical behavioral problems in the life of humans and animals.

Applied psychology work in sync with evidence-based practice. The evidence-based practice utilizes three main arms that are essential to my future practice. They include clinical expertise, patient value & preference, and best research evidence. The Clinical expertise part I am getting in class and field attachments. Patient value and preference are unique to each case that I will be handled in private practice. The best research evidence is necessary for the practice and this is from reading medical publications, books, and journals to update me on newly proven techniques that work based on the evidence.

It is necessary to ensure the techniques that I apply to work and save marriages from divorces. Statistics ion the United States of America reveals a high rate of cases of divorce in the country. Tori DeAngelis research in a periodical “ The Couple Doctor” Reveal more of the evidence-based practice saves marriages. Her study compeers the sharing of methods that have been proved to work and working in solitude results (DeAngelis, 2011). In conclusion, for a successful career, it is important to be always updated on the most effective and research-proven methods that work to achieve perfect results.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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