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AbstractThis paper aims to outline and justify how the research on the foreign market strategies and operations will be carried out. The paper highlights the research methods that will be used and how the research will be carried out. What things should be kept in mind and how will we go about researching on the area of investigation. Tesco plc is used to highlight the research questions and the research objectives. The limitations and the ethical considerations will also be considered in the course of investigation. AcknowledgementWe would like to thank our course instructor and all those who have helped us in this course of investigation.

Introduction on Research TopicResearch can be conducted for two different purposes; basic and applied. When research is conducted to solve an existing problem in a work setting it is called “Applied research” however when it is conducted in order to improve our understanding or knowledge about certain thing or contribute to the general body of knowledge in a particular area of interest to a researcher it is called Basic or fundamental research. Background: According to Shari Waters, The sales of goods or commodities in small quantities directly to consumer, is called retailing and marketing of these sales and goods outside the organization’s home country is called international marketing or retailing.

We can divide retailing into several categories: DomesticRegional exporter InternationalInternational to globalGlobalBasic motive of any company would be to enter foreign market and increase their global competitiveness. Why would they want to enter global market it might be because they will get diversified market? They will get customers abroad as well or may be in order to get into economic trends. Though globalization and internationalization enables company to groom and establish but it also brings new challenges and issues for company as well.

These issues may include unstable governments, foreign exchange problems, trade barriers, corruption, bureaucracy or technology pirating etc. Research Aim: This paper aims to research on the international expansion strategies and operations of Tesco and study the success and failures of Tesco in entering, operating in foreign markets and what strategies Tesco should follow in exploring and entering newer markets. The major aim will be to present appropriate recommendations to Tesco on strategies to be adopted for entering newer markets in retail business like India, Pakistan and China.

These are growing economies and Tesco plans to expand its retail business in these countries. Research Objectives: Following the aim of the research, the research objectives of the study will be: To highlight problems faced by Tesco in International ExpansionPinpoint the Components that Tesco applied in developing a global market strategy To highlight the global market entering strategies that Tesco has adoptedTo recommend strategies for expanding in newer markets Hypothesis/Problem Statement: What are the problems faced by international retailers especially Tesco? What are the components of developing a global market Strategy? What are the global market entering strategies and what strategies Tesco adopted? What strategies Tesco should follow in entering into newer markets?

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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