Essays on Apply Different Perspectives Studies On An Organization Assignment

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IntroductionFor an organization to successful realize its set goals and objectives, it is imperative to develop an organizational strategy. Some of the components of organizational strategy include customer relations, competitiveness, design and management structure, and marketing (Fairholm 2009). To analyze an organizational strategy effective, various perspectives should be applied including critical, institutional, behavioral, and economic. The employment of these viewpoints is to make the analysis effective by attaining an inclusive view of the organization instead of a biased one. Therefore, the paper attempts to conduct an organizational strategic analysis of Yale University in the United States with respect to behavioral, economic, institutional, and critical angles. Background of Yale UniversityYale University entails a private learning institution that was established in 1701.

The institution has a total enrolment of undergraduate at 5,310, and the gender distribution entails 49.6% male and 50.4% female students. 88.0% of the students reside in college-owned, affiliated, and operated residential houses and12.0percentage of them live outside campus. The university is also participates in the NCAA I athletic forum (Yale University 2012). Regarding campus services and information, the university provides various students services, such as, women’s center, nonremedial tutoring, health service, placement service, and health insurance.

It also offers security and safety services including the 24-hour vehicle and foot patrols, 24-hour emergency telephones, late night escort and transport service, restricted dormitory access in from of security card and key, as well as well-lit sidewalks and pathways. In fact, 5% of the Yale University students own cars, and the institution permits alcohol for the legal age students. Apart from having an urban setting, the size of the university stands at 315 acres, and it uses an academic calendar based on semesters.

Additionally, according to the 2012 university rankings (Best Colleges is National Universities), Yale University was ranked as the third best university in the country. Besides, the tuition fees of set by the university are $40,500 in the 2011-2012 academic years. With respect to the university’s mission statement, its basic mission regards attracting, educating, and motivating a varied group of the extremely gifted women and men to develop and spread knowledge, as well as promoting the scholarship, values, high character, and leadership, which may be directed towards improving and sustaining the society.

Besides, each school in the university has its own vision and mission statement, which guide their operations and performance (Yale University 2012). Yale University is situated is in New Haven, Conn. , and is renowned for its outstanding music and drama plans, which are extracurricular with various student organizations like the Yale Dramatic Association, Yale Whiffenpoofs, and a celebrated a capella group. The university also has a Yale Bulldogs that competes in the Ivy League, and are famous for their competition with Harvard.

The university also assigns its students houses in within one of its 12 residential colleges while they are at Yale (Christoffersen 2008). Each of the residential colleges consists of a dean and master who resides within the college and take meals with the students at the dining halls. To enhance a sense of cultural identity and diversity in school, the university has established a number of cultural houses that offer a space for the students to build their cultural identities (Yale University 2012).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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