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 Appointment as CEO of the New West Oil Rig Introduction We take this opportunity to congratulate you on your recent appointment as CEO of the New West Oil Rig of the famous international Reddick Oil Company. We consider it an honor and privilege to offer our unique brand of catering services for the staff of your new Oil Rig. Statement of Need Do you dream of finding a reliable, hassle-free catering service provided by a reputed catering company that combines the supply of nutritious, safe, wholesome food with capable service backed by reasonable price menus?

Description of Project We at Aspen Catering can make your dream come true.

Committed to personalized service, high food quality and timely, efficient service, we can provide everything your corporate catering need at competitive pricing. For us, each day and each event is different, a new experience and challenge with a new group of people. Aspen Catering is listed among the certified custom caterers and full event planners in the Dallas & Fort Worth, Texas surrounding areas, licensed to insure that food sanitation requirements are met and that the food we distribute to the public is safely prepared, handled, protected and preserved.

We are located in Irving/Las Colinas and have been serving the DFW Metroplex since 1997. We are considered our area’s premiere caterer, a leading provider of exceptional food, cutting edge culinary activity and outstanding presentation. We offer New American cuisine with a twist: inventive interpretations and modern creations. Nothing speaks to the success of a company like satisfied customers, and Aspen Catering is honored to have an outstanding client list that includes high profile construction companies, oil companies, the American Red Cross and Wolf Trap Foundation.

We would like to add the project of catering of your Oil Rig staff as one of our latest endeavors. Materials/Equipment/Personnel Our menus show a balance in material, color, texture, shape, sizes, flavor, cooking method and cost. All menu items are prepared from the freshest ingredients, which are procured from Specialty food growers and purveyors from around the country.

These menus include nutritious food from the main food groups like meat, poultry, vegetables, bread, cereal, rice, milk and yogurt. Attuned to the constantly evolving tastes and trends in food and presentation, our Chefs regularly update Aspen offerings to appeal to our clients. Our food selection items complement each other. As with any food industry business, efficiency in catering service is important. We have qualified, trained and experienced personnel to deliver food to your site, serve and take away used containers and material.

We also constantly expect the unexpected, and we have good crisis-management and problem-solving skilled staff who are ready to solve problems quickly and inventively. The experience of our service staff stems from years of successful catering experience to different types of customers. Permit me to provide a few details of what our daily menu would look like. Breakfast Uniformly priced at $ 5.50 each, we offer Breakfast Boxes such as: Bagel & Cream Cheese Breakfast Box (Wheat, white or cinnamon raisin bagel with your choice garden veggie, plain or strawberry cream cheese). Danish Breakfast Box (Apple, raspberry or cheese lattice topped Danish). Croissant Breakfast Box (Golden, flaky and buttery croissant served with butter and jelly). Sticky Bun Breakfast Box (Soft, tender cinnamon rolls smothered with buttery brown sugar and sprinkled with plenty of nuts – served with butter). Apart from these Breakfast Boxes, we also have the famous Deli Sandwich, priced at $ 6.50 trayed and $ 7.50 boxed (Assorted sandwiches – ham, turkey, roast beef with American, Swiss and cheddar cheeses along with our homemade tuna and chicken salad, lettuce and tomato on freshly baked wheat and white breads).

Lunch/Dinner: Beef Hot Meals Meatloaf & Mashed Potatoes $ 8.50 (Homemade meatloaf with fluffy mashed potatoes, Chef’s choice of veggies, garden salad and dinner rolls with butter).

New England Pot Roast $ 10.00 (Tender beef roast, slowly cooked with new potatoes and baby carrots, serviced with garden salad and dinner rolls). Beef Pepper Steak & Rice $ 11.50 (Oriental style beef with peppers served with steamed rice, Chinese veggies, garden salad and dinner rolls with butter). Sirloin Beef Tips & Rice $ 13.00 (Tender sirloin beef tips in mushroomy gravy, served over steamed rice, Chef’s veggies, garden salad and dinner rolls with butter). Lunch/Dinner: Chicken Hot Meals Rosemary Roasted Chicken $ 9.00 (Marinated chicken breast oven roasted with a hint of rosemary, served with wild rice, Chef’s choice of veggies, garden salad and dinner rolls with butter).

Rotisserie Chicken $ 10.00 (Marinated chicken breast served with parsley buttered new potatoes, Chef’s choice of veggies, garden salad and dinner rolls with butter). Parmesan Crusted Chicken $ 12.00 (Tender chicken breast breaded with parmesan cheese, garlic bread crumbs, then baked to perfection and served with rotini Alfredo, garden salad and Chef’s choice of veggies). Chicken Fried Steak $ 13.00 (Half pound Southern chicken fresh steak, mashed potatoes, country gravy, veggie medley, garden salad and dinner rolls with butter). Prices, Terms and Conditions: Our menu prices are reasonable and comparable with caterers who operate on the same level as us.

We can however point to the following features that makes choosing Aspen Catering a better proposition: Contract terms. Unlike most caterers, our contract terms are short, simple and very easy to understand. Deposit required at the time of contract signing. Most caterers require deposits of 25, 30 or 50% of cost when the contract is signed.

Aspen Catering requires just 10%. Aspen Catering offers a 10% discount for full payment of contract value. Very few caterers do this. Aspen Catering does not specify minimum duration of contract. Most caterers settle for nothing less than 1 year contract duration. Aspen Catering menus are flexible. We let the customer change menus if so required, choosing instead other similarly priced menus from our vast list. Summary We have provided just a few menus of what we can provide.

We request you to kindly visit our office and kitchen to have a better idea of how we operate, the wide array of menus we offer and the services that accompany them. Our office is located at 400 E. Royal, Ste 104, Irving, TX 75039 (telephone 972 401 4777, fax 972 401 4776, email: orders@aspencatering. com, website: aspencatering. com). We reassure you that there is no need for expensive planners and coordinators when you can use Aspen Catering services!

Our motto is best illustrated in John Ruskin’s immortal words: “We were not sent into this world to do anything which we cannot put our heart. ” One call does it all! We look forward to serving you soon. Best regards, References used: Catering Business http: //www. aspencatering. com Catering by Windows Inc. http: //www. catering. com

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