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The paper "The Most Appropriate Approach to Strategic Development In Today’ s Business Environment" is an outstanding example of an essay on business. Business strategies have seen a change in their approach in every age that had a direct correlation with the changing market dynamics. The objectivity of businesses in various economies has its own unique perspective that it materialize through its strategy formulations and execution thereof. However, the developments of business in new markets, aiming to cater to a new segment of consumers, diversify the product line, achieve cost-effective production and distribution have seen business take steps for aligning other firms to achieve an edge over competitors Merger, acquisition, strategic alliance, joint ventures are few terms that are widely circulated in the business management studied.

This can demonstrate the future strategies or objectives that the business wishes to pursue in the future for growth, development, or to achieve greater benefits out of such strategic alliances. The critical analysis of each of such partnering between two firms is critically examined here to analyze the effects of each of the activities with its effects on business and market.

The various literature sources are used to demonstrate the point of view of business management scholars with relevant examples from the contemporary global business history ( Refer to Appendix 1). Definitions, Analysis, and Evaluations The theory suggests that business activities take into consideration various market factors along with competitive structures of the market to ascertain the need for such merger, acquisition, or strategic alliance with another firm. This partnering can be domestic or international depending on the objective and span of control that the business targets to achieve.

However, the traditional approach in business management is dependent on the trends of the market added with the past experience of the managers that help them to formulate a pathway for future business activities, also called strategizing the business in accordance to an estimated future idea (Das et al. 2009). The strategic directions of the business are the base on which further additions, changes, budgeting, focus, etc are developed.

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