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The paper “ Are Samsung's Consumers Aware of Counterfeit? " is a forceful example of a research paper on marketing. From its inception over 70 years ago, Samsung has been a leading manufacturer of electronics in the world. The business started as a small export business in Taegu Korea. It has then grown to have offices and assembling industries in different countries specializing in a wide range of products. specializing in a wide range of products. Samsung is a global leader in many business entities ranging from electronics, semiconductors, fashion, among others.

Over 70 years, the company has revolutionized the world with its novel ideas and perfect products. These products have been in use all around the world. As the world is continuing to be digital, the company has placed itself in a position that has seen it grow to a multibillion international corporation. Although this is the case, there is a lot of competition from other different companies that have also seen tremendous growth in this industry. Samsung has been placed high that its products have become renown around the world. They have specialized in products such as mobile phones, printing materials, among other electronics.

Their products are well known around the world and compete appropriately with other brands Over the years, electronic products have been faced with one big problem. Counterfeit products have found their way into the market. Many growing markets in Asia and Africa have been used as the avenue to sell counterfeit products. Although some countries such as China have invested heavily in technological development and research, they have been the core center of counterfeit products. Japan on their side started long ago and this has seen them become one of the leading countries in technology development.

According to many intergovernmental agencies that are mandated to curd the menace of counterfeit products, the main core center of all this is China. Their records indicate that of all the things and goods seized in the last five years over 75% came from China (Jeffrey, 2012). The main markets of these counterfeited goods are Africa and Asia in general. All these factors are favorable to the problems. Governments through their anti-counterfeit agencies are trying to capture these menaces but it is well rooted in our trading and business system that to uproot it will require not only our government’ s effort but also the regional blocks and control of import and export in those regions.

According to the United Nations, a ring of well-organized criminals around the world manage the problem. The most hit sector by counterfeit business is the phones and printing machines. Currently, the numbers of counterfeit products in some economies are almost half the total number of genuine products making it hard for consumers to get genuine ones.

Mobile phones are the most hit with the counterfeit resembling the genuine one is such a way that unless one is equipped with relevant information and highly empowered, they are not able to differentiate the two. China has been in the limelight as the sources of many counterfeit but also as the main distributors. Although they see it as a starting point of their technological development if they emulate their neighbouring Japan, it is estimated that due to these, billions of shillings have been lost.

The problem of counterfeit does not only affect electronic industries but also other crucial industries such as pharmaceuticals among others.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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