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Essays on Argos Company - SWOT Analysis, Market Segmentation, Product Positioning, Target Market, and 4 Ps of Marketing Case Study

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The paper “ Argos Company - SWOT Analysis, Market Segmentation, Product Positioning, Target Market, and 4 P’ s of Marketing” is an affecting variant of case study on marketing. Argos which is a retail company selling consumer durables has worked on a different business model which has helped it to succeed in the UK and Ireland. The company looks towards selling products through catalogues and has ensured differentiation in their services. This report has presented the manner in which Argos has been able to identify the market segmentation based on their SWOT analysis.

This has helped to identify that demographics and income are the main constituents which have helped them to position their product differently for all section of the people. Argos has been able to ensure that they develop their marketing strategies based on it which has helped Argos to grow and following a similar strategy will ensure that Argos is able to conduct business efficiently in Qatar and ensure rising revenues for the company. The role played by consumers in this competitive world has increased which has made businesses alter and make changes in the manner they perform.

This has increased the concerns of the business towards the consumer and looking towards customer satisfaction is a priority. This report looks into the manner Argos, a retail group looks about marketing itself. This report presents the SWOT analysis along with the target market, product positioning and segmentation. This helps to understand the manner in which Argos confronts to the marketing aspect and looks towards enhancing consumer confidence in the company and the manner in which the start of the company will be beneficial in Qatar as it will help to meet the customer requirements. About ArgosArgos is a retail giant from the United Kingdom and started its business in 1973.

Since then the business has grown and expanded to Ireland and other parts of the world. The company presently has more than 800 stores and employs more than 51,000 employees (Argos, 2011). The prime reason which has constituted towards the growth of Argos is the fact that despite being in the retail market the company has differentiated itself by ensuring that the products are sold through catalogues (Argos, 2011).

The customers look at the catalogue, pay for the product and get it from the store. The business model is thereby different from the traditional method followed by retail players which have helped Argos to be able to tap a wide market. This business model will prove beneficial in Qatar as it will a new thing of this type which will thereby help to attract customers and enhance their experience. SWOT AnalysisUnderstanding the SWOT analysis of Argos will help to understand both the internal strengths and the external opportunities that the world provides.

This will help Argos in formulating strategies and ensuring the growth of their business. The SWOT is as Strengths Market leader in the United Kingdom due to differentiation in the business model being followed by them Strong network coverage by having stores and presence around different regions have helped to gain loyal customers Having diversification by ensuring products which are owned by Argos has helped to improve the brand name Diversification into different businesses like watches, jewellery, consumer goods has ensured diversification of risk The efficient workforce which looks to deliver products at the home on time and ensure efficiency in their operations

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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