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The paper 'How Does Argos Market Itself so as to Differentiate the Company' is a perfect example of a Management Assignment. Argos is one of the UK's top general goods retailer with sales of over £ 3.3 billion (The Times uk). Currently, in business, any company tries to attract consumers and make their business stand out from rivals by making it unique. In this essay, the history and development of the Argos Company will be examined as well as consideration of the key points of change in this company with analyses of how successful the company has been in terms of staff retention.

In addition, the paper will explore promotion techniques that differentiate it from other competitors and its marketing share. History and development of Argos Established in 1973, Argos is an exclusive catalog retailer well known for its value, choice, and convenience. It deals in general products and merchandise for the home from more than seven hundred stores in the Republic of Ireland and throughout the United Kingdom, over the telephone and online. Its uniqueness is derived from the fact that it can display its goods to the customers using the catalog. Richard Tompkins, who had initially established the Green Shield Stamps in the United Kingdom, founded the Argos Company.

During his holiday in Argos, a Greek city, he invented the idea that customers could buy goods from his Green Shield Gift House suing cash instead of using saving stamps. He then renamed his Green Shield Stamps catalog shops and called it Argos in July 1973. The company was then acquired by BAT industries for a deal of 32 million pounds in 1979. In 1990, the company was detached from BAT industries and listed on the London Stock Exchange.

GUS plc then purchased it in 1998 and became part of Home Retail Group that was detached from GUS plc, its parent company, in October 2006. The company has now been re-branded with a re-launch of its main shopping website, career website, and new shopping catalog. Today, Argos is the legal owner of various brands that feature a significant number of products within the catalog such as Mega Games, Pro Action, Opticom, Grosvenor, Beanstalk, Cookworks, Aquarius, Visit, Mikomi, Steamworks, and Challenge.

It incorporated the Alba, Chad Valley, and Bush brands in 2009. Key points of change When companies are planning to manage change, there are various key principles that need to be kept in mind. Argos, a general goods retailer in the United Kingdom has taken various measures to ensure that, it changes for the better at the same time remaining competitive in the market (David, 2007, p 24). One of the key points of change for Argos is customer service. Argos acknowledges that offering exceptional customer service is rewarding, yet a challenging action within a company.

Good customer service results in increased revenues, increased customer satisfaction, increased profits and reduced staff turnover. Among major retailers in the United Kingdom, Argos is considered unique due to its broad means of demonstrating products to clientele through the catalogue. During purchase, consumers just browse through the catalog, choose the goods to purchase, make a payment, and have their goods transported to their homes. Customer service is a strategy for managing an organization’ s interaction with clients, customers, and sales prospects.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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