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1012858 - ARNP PROJECT  Service and/or Product Line: (Estimated completion – February 18) Benefits – define how a the service is different from other services, clearly define the service concept Create value proposition for ARNP services Because other service providers are into similar business as what ARNP is engaged in, there are several ways that the group must adopt itself in order to gain competitive advantage over its competitors. Currently, it would be important to use a differentiation strategy options that seeks to give clients the same line of service offered by competitors but in a different orientation so as to ensure that through the differences that is gained, customers would prefer our services to that of our competitors (quote).

Because of this, specific differences are identified on our service from other competitors. The first difference that is directly linked to our marketing strategy is to first offer free screening service ahead of treatment. This means that instead of people waiting to be diagnosed as sick before seeking care, anyone at all can walk in to receive free screening service. It is only when the person is diagnosed as needing further care that paid services would start.

Second, our paid service shall be different from others in the sense that it shall be a sectional service rather than a care based service. By implication, we shall plan specific sessions for patients as it witnessed typically in psychotherapy so that patients would have to run the entire period of sessions even if they are well before their sessions end (quote). This will ensure that there is effect monitoring and follow up on the health of our clients. Match products and services to market needs Utilize market analysis data to accurately segment population and align to ARNP services Further primary data were collected from respondents using a simple questionnaire made up of ten close ended questions.

The aim of the questionnaire was basically to find the market needs of the public so that the right market segment could be created for ARNP in knowing the specific line of people who require our services most and finding the health needs of these people and how our differentiation strategy option can customized to meet the said market needs of the public.

When asked to indicate the commonest problem they have with health services that they currently receive, the following responses were produced by the respondents. Market rollout - rollout the service to one or more sites (product launch and market ramp-up)

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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