Essays on The Sustainability Debate by Adrian Wilkinson, Malcolm Hill, and Paul Gollan Article

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The paper "The Sustainability Debate by Adrian Wilkinson, Malcolm Hill, and Paul Gollan" is a wonderful example of an article on business. In the article International Journal of Operations & Production Management Emerald Article: The sustainability debate by Adrian Wilkinson, Malcolm Hill, and Paul Gollan explores the definition and incidence of sustainability and the critical roles played by corporations and governments in the development of legislation for the establishment of standards for business processes and products. The article explores the capacities of modern organizations necessary to achieve sustainability. The article defines sustainable development as the type of “ development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. ” The term sustainability is reliant on activities such as maintaining, restoration, renewing of specific elements within an organization.

In addition, sustainability should also be inclusive of ethical dimensions of fair practice and tradeoffs between future needs within an environment and the existing economic pressures. The authors also note the growing importance of sustainability in modern businesses as organizations use it as a means of enhancing their positions in the market and competitive advantage. Governments play a primary role in ensuring environmental sustainability through the establishment of environmental regulations and standards frameworks towards conservation of production inputs.

In addition, this is critical towards enhancing the quality of life, in economic environments where actions may be termed as a cost improvement and detrimental to an organization’ s industrial competitiveness. It is understood from other research, that the establishment of regulatory frameworks and standards for sustainable development of products, delivery of services, and business processes can be effective in reducing costs.

This induces the emergence of innovations and creations that are critical towards the reduction of costs within the organizations (Kleindorfer, Singhal, & Wassenhove, 2005, 487).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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