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  The paper "The Impact of Ethical Issues in Marketing" is a perfect example of a Marketing Article. Over a considerable amount of time, people have become more aware of the concept of ethics and more so when it relates to the organizations. The ethical problems that arise in marketing can be said to stem from disagreements and conflicts between the concerned individuals. Additionally the dynamic nature as well as the unforgiving economic environments leads to challenges that limit the prospering of firms and thus most of them tend to be struggling to survive.

Due to the wide recognition of business, ethics there have been an evolution on the collection representations and more so when it comes to the role that business plays in a society (Kotler, 2004). In the current marketing environment, ethics can be said to be playing a very vital role this has been augmented due to globalization as there have been spread of business beyond the national boundaries and thus marketers have to deal with a number of people from different cultures. A great number of legal entanglements and the scandals results from the pressure of meeting the performance objectives.

Companies are irrespective of the industry they are operating in need to ensure that they adhere to ethics at all times. A great number of companies such as Nestle and Mc Donald at one time faced many problems and incurred huge monetary fines since they had neglected the ethical issues in their marketing practices (Reddy, n.d). Oyeode, Abdussalam and Ishola 2016, further argue that the marking offices need to come up with programs and more so pay attention to the ethical issues but in doing so they need to be aware of the cultural sensitivity associated with the global village since currently, we operate in a global village.

Additionally, it has also become compulsory for companies to have inbuilt ethos, values, and cultural resemblance. Conclusion and implication for Australian Business In regard to the issue of Ethics, Australian businesses need to consider the aspects of ethics in their business and ensure that they adhere to it at all times. By ignoring ethics and treating it as a much lesser aspect in the organization, they are likely to incur huge losses since the consumers may shun away from buying items from them.

A great number of consumers nowadays tend to consider other aspects such as ethics when making their purchases. In this regard when they apply and make use of ethics they are likely to benefit greatly as compared to the other businesses. More so they need to consider ethics in the manner in which they conduct their business and interact with society and the most important thing relates to how they make their advertisements to the public.

A single mistake in their advertising can lead to cripple the business and may even force the closure of the premises.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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