Essays on Trait Theory, Behavioural Theory and Contingency Theory Article

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The paper "Trait Theory, Behavioural Theory and Contingency Theory" is an outstanding example of a business article. Leadership is the relationship where one person may influence the decisions of other members of a group. Kangis and Kelley (2000) show that leaders act as agents that communicate the organization's missions and objectives to their team members. They also motivate them through effective coordination in order to ensure that the organizational goals are effectively achieved. Leaders use various methods of ensuring that goals are achieved. These techniques include resolution of issues, selection and implementation of action plans.

This study evaluates the effects of leadership roles on team effectiveness article by critically evaluating and analysing the strengths and weaknesses of the article in terms of style, problem definition, methodology and analysis. First, the introduction in this article does not show what the article is all about but analyses the roles of leaders. The information at the introduction stage is starting with a negative format for example it states that leadership must not only be able to formulate a plan that would work within the organisation, they must also be able to implement this plan within a distinctly social context.

This sentence first is not original and it is not flowing grammatically. There is also no problem experienced in order to conduct the study of leadership roles. The researcher should have first introduced the study by showing the problem statement and the objectives of the study. This contains the aim of the study and how the method that will be used in analysing the variables. Literature review The article talks about trait theory, behavioural theory and contingency theory.

The study shows that the three theories involves the study of leadership but does not show how these theories are applied in leadership skills. After mentioning the theory the article then talks about the traditional leadership studies which the writer says have adopted two approaches. These approaches include the trait and behavioural approach.


Kangis, P & Kelley, L 2000, Project leadership in clinical research organizations, International Journal of Project Management, vol. 18, p. 393-401.
Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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