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The paper "Employee Motivation" is a great example of a management essay. Motivation refers to the force that drives employees in an organization to increase their effort to do their duties in a perfect way without being disrupted by any obstacles as they work to satisfy customer needs (Herzberg, Mausner & Snyderman, 1959). It can also be defined as how an employee works hard and in a passionate way to accomplish their duties persistently. Most companies work towards motivating their employees so as to increase the companies’ profits through increased out and productivity (Lauby, 2005).

The thesis statement of the article is that pay is very important in motivating employees. There are many researchers who have laid down strategies on how employees can be motivated to perform their duties and satisfy customer needs. Motivation is any activity that the company owners and management take for the benefit of their employees with an aim of raising their productivity and output (Neuberger & Beck, 1978). This is done to bring out the best from the employees giving them the most favorable working environment. There are different ways and methods of motivation as they will be explained in the course of this project (Kehoe, 2007). The article is aimed at analyzing how motivated employees are by pay in many companies.

This article is based on research about how employers react to pay increases. The research is based on the methods that can be used to motivate and have been used by various companies to motivate their employees. The strength of the article is that the articles do not entirely dwell on pay as the only motivating factor to the employees.

The article also provides gaps between what people say or do about their pay. This will help understand the gap that is there between the management and the employees (Rosenstiel, 2001). Motivation among employees is determined by different factors such as how employees enjoy or how they are proud of their job or place of work. Motivation in the company runs from the top management to the low-level workers. The more motivated the employees are the more the company is any to realize its goals and objectives.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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