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The paper "The Importance of Organizational Change" is a great example of a management essay.   This article highlights the importance of organizational change and organizations go about bringing this necessary change. This article highlights the fact that employees on an individual basis are ready to change but when organizations try to themselves, on the whole, it encounters huge problems which calls for measures to ensure that change is implemented successfully. In this evolving phase, it has become imperative for organizations to change the manner in which business is conducted for their well-being. This article presents the view that organizations are not ready to change.

They find it as an obstacle and research carried out has looked into the change from individual employees’ perspective but very few have looked into the broader horizon by including organizations into it. This article says that for change to be implemented in an organization it has to undergo some basic transformation. This will make the system effective and ensure that work is specific. To bring about this change it is essential that organizations bring change by making a change in the commitment level and the belief to do so make the efficacy work well for the organization. The change in the organization according to the article lies on three main factors which are the change in task demand, the availability of resources and the factors which govern those situations.

These changes make the organization to influence the behavior and bring about the necessary change to ensure efficient implementation of the new system. The article lays emphasis on the point that to make the necessary changes employees need to understand that it needs to be a collective effort.

It calls that employees need to recognize the importance of change and then work to ensure that the physiological effect and the strategies are rafted which helps to establish those. The article has stated that an organization looking for a change has to come from all departments and levels where the individual and group all want those changes and work in that direction so that it can be achieved.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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