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The paper "The Importance of Motivation" is a great example of an article on management. This article lays stress the importance of motivation. It states that an employee who contends performs better. This is a chain that follows and makes the employees move from one ladder to the other. To ensure that employees are motivated and perform their tasks it is important that special attention is paid in the way it is designed. This is an important factor for an organization as the individual performance of employees translates into the performance of the entire organization. To ensure that employees are motivated and contend it is important that the job he works on suits him.

For this, it is most important to design the job that matches the requirements. This will ensure that employees are able to give their best performance and will ensure that the performance rises. This article says that when an organization looks for an employee it is important to ensure the job design is appropriate. The job should be designed in such a manner that every small aspect that could have a bearing on the employee is considered.

This is making companies ensure that special attention is paid to the design of jobs. These companies are using different tools and mechanisms to ensure that employees are motivated with the job and work wholeheartedly towards it. Organizations ensure that job is designed as per the specific requirements of the employees so that the performance doesn’ t get affected. Improper designing might lead to poor turnover rates which will affect the productivity of the organization so to ensure that it doesn’ t happen organization design the job properly.

Special attention is also laid to it as it has a direct bearing on the satisfaction level. Organizations try to ensure that employees working on the job associate themselves with the company which will affect their productivity and helps the business to grow. The organization keeps the safety aspect in mind while designing the job. They ensure that it is considered as it can have a bearing on the employee's health so the see that origination doesn’ t create a bad impression and image of the company's attention is paid to it.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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