Essays on Organizational Design and Environmental Performance Article

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The paper "Organizational Design and Environmental Performance" is a wonderful example of an article on management. This paper summarizes and discusses an article related to organization theory and design. The paper is divided into three sections. The first section summarizes the article, the second part evaluates the article and the third part assesses the relevance of the article and the implication of the findings. Summary The article ‘ Organizational design and environmental performance: clues from the electronics industry’ , by Michael Russo and Niran Harrison discusses the role of organization design in environmental performance of organizations.

The paper takes a different perspective from contemporary approaches into questioning how the emission performance influences organizational design rather than emission performance being a result of organizational design. By using this approach, the authors claim to simplify theoretical and empirical aggregation to identify the connections in the causal chain between organizational variable and environmental performance. They achieve this by using the congruence model that matches up internal processes of organizations and their environmental performance. They assert that the higher the congruence or level of matching up, the higher the organizational performance. This model utilizes formal organization, informal organization, work, and the individual as the main dimensions which give rise to six possible dyadic fits though the paper concentrates on the connection between work and the informal and formal organization.

In the formal organization fit, the empirical study carried out in the paper seeks to find out whether the organizational arrangement promotes behavior necessary in accomplishing the work by assessing how work, environment management can be promoted through formal reporting. Furthermore, the formal organizational fit examines how environment management can be improved through incentives.

In the informal organizational fit, the paper explores how environmental management is affected by cross-functional coordination.


Russo, M. & Harrison, N. (2004). Organizational design and environmental performance: clues

from the electronics industry’ Academy of Management Journal. 48(2), 1-31

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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