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Program Supervisor’s 2 March Article questions Necessity of change for an international organization It is necessary for an international organization to change because of the dynamic and competitive nature of the global environment. Benefits of effective change management also make change necessary. In addition, change leads to cost effectiveness of an organization towards competitiveness because of lower prices. It also offers efficiencies for other advantages over competitors. Change is therefore necessary for an international organization for efficient and effective operations towards competitive advantage (Project Management Institute 5).
Requirements for change within an international organization
One of the requirements for an international organization to change is well-defined objectives. This establishes standards for performance before and during a change process and motivates stakeholders to support the change. Commitment by the senior management, application of standardized management practices, and effective communication with stakeholders; before, during and after change, are necessary (Project Management Institute 6).
Recommended steps to manage people through organizational change
As a CEO, I would recommend two steps to my organization for managing people through change. The first step is development and implementation of “project and program management culture” in the organization while the second step would be development of positive attitude among employees towards the organization and its change initiatives (Project Management Institute 9).
Opinion on permanent change sustainability
Contrary to the article’s position that change should be sustained permanently, I believe that change should only be sustained while it is relevant. This is because of the dynamic environment that may render a change ineffective after some time.
Thoughts about effectiveness of organizations’ adept
Organizations’ adept at the iterative process of change cannot necessarily enable longer-term sustainable change because of dynamic forces affecting change, such as effects of technology and factors around employees utility. This perspective is consistent with the above opinion that identifies significance of the dynamic environment.
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