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Astronomy- Earth and its geological activities Earth is the only known planet so far which is geologically and biologically active. The earth’s geological and biological activities are due to two energy sources, the external solar energy and the internal energy from the earth’s molten core. Since solar energy is available in all the planets, why earth alone have geological activities? This question seems to be a difficult one for the scientific world. “Some measure of the time involved for a planet the size of the earth to cool by convection is that the earth has been geologically active for over 4 billion years, and will probably take another 4-5 billion years to loose all its heat -and become a dead planet” (The Heat History of Earth)
“All of the geological activity on the earth today is driven from this initial source of heat at the earths formation, aided and abetted by continued radioactive decay of elements in the earths interior.” (The Heat History of Earth) Radioactive decay of elements such as Uranium, Radium etc can cause earth’s geological activities, but the major reason for earth’s geological activities is the molten core formed at the creation of earth.
A planetary body can lose its internal heat energy through several ways like volcanic eruption, earth quakes etc. Another way of energy liberation is through conduction, convection and radiation. The figures given below shows some of the energy liberation activities.
(The Heat History of Earth)
Geological activities of earth have started at the time its creation. The liberation of heat from the inner molten core is accomplished by conduction, convention and radiation. Earthquakes, tidal waves, volcanic eruptions are the ways through which earth liberates its energy. Earth’s geological activities one way or other connected to the biological activities on earth.
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