Check Order Instruction – Article Example

Article Summary Obamacare: A Tough Sell The obanacare or the affordable health care act has left many people raising their sentiments about it and they have opposition towards the implementation of the plan. The debate between the democrats and the republicans has shown the depth of entrenchment of dissatisfaction that people have concerning the hope of having good healthcare at a low price. The debate has persisted among other classes of people with the working class and the uninsured people arguing that obamacare is a bad idea. Obama faces a tough challenge not only from the opposition but also from the fact that it was poorly received during the initiation of the enactnment of the law. The Whitehouse is also aware of the risk it has to overcome to mobilize people to accept the act and therefore, and it has hired some people who are to be involved in publishing the obamacare. For this reason for some time, the issues related to the act of the congress have remained controversial with some people speaking in support from some groups and opposition from the other side of the people (Seib A4).
How the article is related to Human Resource Management
The white on one side works as a single entity that ensures hires some people that will facilitate the process of promotion of Obamacare among the Americans. On the other hand, the article on the debate represent a form of human resource management because it has various people who are assigned various duties to perform for the success completion of the duties of the popularizing the act. Another thing that makes the article about the obamacare relate to human resource management is the fact that white house like a manager in an organization has a responsibility to convince the opponents to adopt it (Caruth, Caruth and Pane 240).
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