Discussion – Article Example

Running Head: DISCUSSION ID Lecturer Discuss what attitudes, beliefs, and values are and the influence they have on us as speakers and listeners. How do you feel your personal attitude, beliefs, and values shape who you are and will influence your perspective?
The attitudes, beliefs and values are the most inherent forms of comprehension that can be found within people. These come about with experience, judgment, interaction and societal linkages – that develop over a period of time. As speakers and listeners, the attitudes, beliefs and values have a major and drastic consequence since these define how significant basic pointers are when discussing the same within a number of individuals, belonging to different groups and diverse communities. These considerations need to be paid essence because people hail from backgrounds of which the speakers have little clue about. Hence it is always a good starting point to know the audience up front in order to be seen as a good speaker.
As far as my personal attitudes, beliefs and values are concerned, I make sure that I remain much personalized to the people and act in a way that they feel as if I am one of them. This essentially facilitates me at gathering an understanding of how people would like to see the subject that is being talked about. In addition, it provides me the luxury to comprehend the nuances related with public speaking and listening. These are significant facets that need to be adhered to at all costs, and I am one of those individuals who goes out of his way to guarantee that the audience is given the number one priority. It influences my perspective regarding who I am and what I offer to this world through my different actions, undertakings and understandings in essence.