Edison And Light – Article Example

Edison and Light Edison and Light In the film, “Thomas A. Edison: Father of Invention,” Thomas Edison invention is of light is explained. Notably, Thomas is not mostly celebrated for his invention, but the new take of technological invention that he brought about. For this reason, Edison is the protagonist whose actions portray him as a hero. However, despite being the first inventor, the clip seems to exaggerate his capabilities. Given that there were other inventions, some made before and other later, the heroic character of Edison could have been diluted, to portray him as normal scholar. The move should have included his borrowings from chemistry scholars. Most importantly, Edison faced strict competition from Westinghouse. Although it might be hard for children, who happen to be the target audience to understand the competition, mentioning the invention of alternating current by Westinghouse could dilute the exaggerations made. Moreover, acknowledging that Edison failed to maintain the electricity industry he invented, and rather focused on patents and corporate battles shows his lack of focus in his inventions. In a nutshell, Edison is an hero, he invented an industry but the fact that he made several borrowings from others makes him and later lost control of his own works no different from other scholars.
Previously, most inventions were on chemistry and business organizations. Although, science is related, no one had discovered electric power as well as electric lighting. Therefore, by being the first inventor, Edison becomes the creator of the light bulb. However, the fact that electricity had been discovered earlier creates some ambiguity in the use of the word creator. Moreover, Edison only expanded the effect of lightning, previously discovered as a form of electricity, into his light bulb experiment.
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