Eduction – Article Example

Article review In this article, the has suggested Cognitive Enrichment Advantage (CEA) as a very beneficial approach to mediated learning in the context of adult education. The author has identified three particular areas where CEA can be employed to facilitate adult learning including emancipatory education, basic education, and development and training of workforce. While the ways in which the CEA approach can benefit the three identified areas overlap, the author suggests that closely examining the relevant applications and overlapping concepts can benefit adults in all three domains.
The author has rightly challenged the notion that pedagogical strategies suitable for children are always ineffective or useless for adult learners. Drawing upon the benefits of CEA, the author presents it as an example of pedagogical strategies that are equally suitable for child and adult learners.
The paper offers a brief yet detailed insight into the concept of CEA and throws light on the potential ways in which it can enhance adult learning. The statements and arguments of the author are grounded in the review of latest and advanced literature. The author has supported facts and propositions with reliable literary sources. The author has elaborated all building blocks of thinking to provide a holistic understanding of how CEA improves thinking and learning.
Use of CEA improves personalized learning. If teachers develop the ability to use and integrate CEA into the instructional strategy, this would not only improve their quality of lectureship, but also promote understanding among the learners of what senses they need to concentrate upon and improve in order to learn better.