Helpful Tips For Healthy Holiday Parties – Article Example

Healthy Holiday Parties The festive holiday season is around the corner. Tempting holiday parties include cakes, cookies, meat, and other food alternatives. One must avoid the urge to overeat unhealthy amounts of food. During these happy moments, one must strive to maintain a healthy weight level.
Health Tips for Holiday Period Parties
►Thirty minutes prior to taking one’s regular holiday party morning breakfast, eat raw fruit. The raw fruit can be an apple, a handful of strawberries, a bunch of grape, or a ripe yellow –colored mango.
►Next, consume raw salads during one’s Holiday party afternoon snack (Soria, 2003). These food choices revitalize the human body. Eating healthy holiday party food alternatives is an enjoyable experience.
► Pick healthy raw food choices. Raw food contains lots of enzymes. The human body needs the enzymes to hasten bodily functions. The body uses enzymes to help digest food. Eating cooked food drain’s one’s store of body enzymes. Eating raw food increases the body’s stored enzymes (Soria, 2003).
► Help cook healthy food for the upcoming holiday party. Use only healthy cooking oil in the process. Olive oil is one of the best health-invigorating oil alternatives. However, use as little olive oil as possible. Next, significantly reduce the cooking time. The time reduction reduces the loss of the cooked food’s health benefits. The use of the extra-virgin olive oil will contribute omega -3 health benefits. Avoid using unhealthy corn oil has very high unhealthy calories and debilitating unsaturated fats (Messier, 2009.
►When cooking the Holiday party food, do not fry food at unnecessarily high cooking temperatures. High heat burns away the healthy food ingredients (Soria, 2003).
► Exclude unhealthy processed food. Processed food has lots of diabetes-inducing sugar and artificial sweetening ingredients. The processed food products contain health-depleting oils and fats, filers and harmful chemicals. The food producers use unhealthy food preservatives, especially MSG, to prolong the food’s shelf life (Holmes, 2012).
► Consume lots of healthy food alternatives. The cabbage alternative has health-inducing antioxidants and cancer-preventing properties. The cinnamon fruit significantly contributes to controlling cholesterol as well as blood sugar levels. The ripe tomato’s lycopen ingredient has cancer-preventing antioxidants. The accepted ginger root eliminates indigestion (Holmes, 2012).
►Replace the unhealthy processed food choices with healthy raw food alternatives. The healthy raw food products can be described as juicy, crunchy, tasty, and sweet. Raw food enchants the visitors’ eyes. The same food attracts the visitors. The apple, grapes, and strawberries influentially enchant the visitors’ palate and nose. Raw food contains lots of enzymes, vitamins and other health-inducing nutrients. Cooking destroys many of the raw food’s health-stimulating properties. The raw food’s enzymes reduce the aging process, prolonging the individuals’ lifespan (Casupei, 2011).
►If unhealthy holiday party food choices cannot be avoided at the holiday parties, controllably consume minimal amounts of the offered food choices. Use effective exchange why you are avoiding binge eating. Excessive fattening food leads to obesity, hypertension and health ailment issues.
►During the Holiday’s festive party hours, prioritize consume raw health-stimulating food choices over processed and overly cooked food alternatives.
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