Leadership – Article Example

Emily A. S.(2007) Taking responsibility. http www.what-are-good-leadership-skills.com/article-on-leadership-skills-08.html INTRODUCTION The article is about taking personal responsibility in any organization for success. Whenever a difficult situation comes we think that we are victim and start cursing the things that are beyond our control.The writer is of the view that the winners don’t have this attitude. Instead of being victim the winners find way to move forward, no matter how hard the situation is. This is what the personal responsibility is.
The author found that by taking personal responsibility for the things anybody can make a positive difference in life in terms of success. He demonstrates this by giving the example of sale girl who didn’t have the right shoe size for the author but instead of saying sorry he guided the author for other shops where he can find one, even she called those to make sure which one has this size to help author. By taking personal responsibility she made one loyal customer. In difficult situations stead of blaming we should ask question how we can make this situation better instead of waiting for others to come and rescue us. Author considers the employees, bosses, colleagues’ customers by relating the example of that sale girl. By taking personal responsibility we can make many loyal customers even if we are not sales person.
The authorhas arranged the information in logical order where there are some points which are quite strong. These are as follows:
“To believe you have no choice is to become a “victim” with no control”.
Yes most of the time people think that easy solution is to get out of the situation by rationalizing our logic that it’s not my duty or fault. When we make our self-victim, we get out of the situation but the things are not corrected because we think that things are not under our control.
“Stop whining or making excuses for why it’s not working out. Right now, take personal responsibility for moving things in the direction you want them to go.”
The author is making the point that instead of blaming and excuses we should spend our time in searching for solution. So this relates that if we take the personal responsibility instead of being victim to move things forward we can make the difference.
The article is short but there are fewer facts and figures. There are no facts that can support the main point and because of this the article evokes less.Beside thesethings there are some points in the article that need more explanation:
“She did not have to do what she did, but because she took personal responsibility for satisfying my needs, she has now produced a loyal customer.”
Although example is good but it does not clearly relates to the topic. If it wasn’t her job but she tried to do it, can she always do it? So should we always help others beyond the limit to make them our loyal customers? The example should be more elaborative to explain the concept of being victim in contrast to taking personal responsibility.