Summery – Article Example

What is requirements-based testing? Requirements-based testing is a methodology of testing tailored to the objective and condition that it intends to delivered. It involves making sure that; specific client requirements on software’s are met with accuracy. There are various modes of showing how successive implementation of the requirement by a client can be met. The test needs to be accurate and time based because; if the test is not accurately met then, the software will not work properly; accuracy and clarity are essential elements in developing software. According to Gary (2007), inappropriate software’s that are developed without testing are likely not to perform well as intended.
They are various steps that need to be taken account to before implementing or conducting a requirement based test this include; performance, coverage testing and failure load. Performances include, the way the software gives it final outcome, while coverage includes, the targeted user’s cover-up. They are also additional steps that can be undertaken in order to determine the accuracy of the software this are; cutting the test, data, inputs, and expected results.
When building a test case, one needs to formulate the necessary data and components that will support test. Data is necessary in carrying out the test because, it determines the kind of the outcome a person can get, and is likely to be facilitated by the components that support the test. Components facilitate/enable the testing to come up with accurate and clear conclusion regarding the test ensures that, the final product meets the targeted standards (Gary 2007).
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