Using Social Media To Promote Your Business – Article Example

Social Media Marketing Using social media sites as steady sources of traffic to the online businesses is a widely popularizing marketing strategy. Compared to the conventional advertising and promotional methods the social media marketing is cheap and effective. The effectiveness of this marketing strategy in empirical application however depends on the type of business and its compatibility to the new web based model (Lake, 2013). Popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn adopt educative videos and guidelines specially designed for the business communities. Integrating of business community with the social media network is a mutually beneficial marketing strategy.
On line retailers such as and eBay display business advertisements on social media sites which have similar content example: display Halloween offers on blogs that are describing Halloween festival. Thus the probability of advertisement being viewed by potential buyers is higher compared to advertising in conventional media such as Tv, Radio and magazines. Similarly there are blogs which assimilate customer reviews and ratings on product brands example: laptops, mobiles, exercise equipments etc. These blogs are marketing channels which effectively connect business communities and end consumers. Facebook fan pages, Youtube channels, Google groups and LinkedIn profiles are increasingly popularizing in contemporary Social Media Marketing. These websites have vastly decreased the proximity between the business community and consumers by enabling them to live chat, upload of photos, videos, description and customer feedbacks.
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