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Essays on As a team leader, discuss some of the conditions that you would create to insure that a climate of innovation exists in your workgroup Article

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Innovation in the Workgroup Teamwork enhances information sharing and task handling by individuals, as long as the workgroup remains effective and efficient in undertaking its tasks. Team leaders are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the team continuously meets its goals and objectives throughout the designated period of time. In order to enhance team success and realization of the desired results, the team must remain innovative in the process of handling the task(s) at hand. In this regard, every team member has an equal role and responsibility to play under the set conditions that suit the workgroup. As a team leader, ensuring continued innovation in the team is fundamental.

Creativity and innovativeness in the team influences the outcomes realized by the workgroup. Since every member is equally responsible in the team, the outcome can hardly constitute a blame game. In this respect, the team leader manages team activities to ensure that tasks at hand are timely undertaken. Essentially, in order to achieve the set team goals and objectives, innovation comes in handy. As a team leader, triggering innovation in the team calls for the creation and establishment of conditions that all the team members are expected to observe.

This takes the form of creating a favorable environment within which the team members interact. In order to do this, the workgroup has to uphold the potential, capacity, and capability of the team. When individual capabilities are summed up, they constitute the team’s total potential and capability. As a result, taking the collective contribution of each team member is one of the basis through which a climate of innovation is introduced in the workgroup. It is important to point out that individual reasoning, thoughts, opinions, and information base vary from one person to another.

When several individuals make up a team, it is obvious that these team members exhibit personal differences across the aforementioned variables. Therefore, taking this into account introduces an aspect of diversity and dynamism in the team. It is the role of the team member to manage this diversity and dynamism for the benefit of the workgroup. To do this, a common purpose and ground of operation becomes vital. The integration and management of individual diversity and dynamism by the team leader creates an environment of collaboration and cooperation, thereby enhancing team innovativeness.

This innovativeness is further aligned along the set team goals and objectives for the purpose of improved team experience in undertaking the specific task(s) at hand. The process takes effective leadership by the team leader, while taking into consideration the fact that the team is supposed to work as a coordinated and cooperative group. The ultimate concern for the workgroup is score, result, and performance. A climate of innovation can be created based on these three aspects.

As a team leader, evaluating team performance from time to time is fundamental. The progress of the team needs to be monitored in order to capture both successes and failures of the team. Whatever the case, the necessary course of action is taken. If the progress and performance of the team is in the right track, then the team leader, in collaboration with the rest of the team, designs a mechanism that maintains or improves this performance even further. On the other hand, team failures also necessitate immediate actions to remedy the situation.

Failure in the team means that the progress of the team is not in order, and the set team goals and objectives are highly likely not to be achieved. In this respect, performance evaluation pinpoints the actual position of the team in relation to the matters being dealt with by the team. Therefore, following the success or failure of the team through performance evaluation triggers a climate of innovation in the team as the workgroup strives to enhance team outcomes or salvage the situation in the event that the team is in the verge of collapsing. The discussed innovation conditions can effectively translate to the beauty industry.

This industry is highly diverse and dynamic across different regions, and thus cannot be expected to function in a uniform manner. This is the same case with team management, since individual team leaders supervise the activities of their teams differently. However, the common denominator is that diversity, dynamism, performance, and change are part and parcel of the beauty industry regardless of the region in question. Therefore, the dynamics of team management by the team leader and the collaborative and cooperative efforts realized from the workgroup inform the beauty industry practices.

On the same note, the industry is highly characterized by transformation. It is also result oriented, given the fact that the industry seeks to be better and better over time. Therefore, the wholesomeness of the industry is enhanced by innovation, an aspect that is informed by the discussed conditions.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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