Essays on Myers Companys Current Situation Case Study

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The paper "Myers Company’ s Current Situation" is an outstanding example of a management case study. The purpose of this report is to identify some areas that need to be improved in the company. An analysis of the company history and its performance renders us to conduct an analysis by the use of management tools whereby we are going to identify some new goals for the improvement of company performance. The report will highlight the company and in this case, the mission statement will be highlighted as well. The factors that have led to the performance of the company for the past years are the result of the mission and the vision statement.

Therefore, the goals of the company determine the performance of the employees. As a consultant, it is important to identify the key drivers to performances of the company which will take us through to the results of the company. The five competitive strategies as highlighted by the porters are the key points to be noted in analyzing the performance of the company. Thereafter, a review of the SWOT analysis will also be used in the development of the new goals of the company.

It is obvious that every strategy has some tactical plans and hence the new goals should have the plans on how to achieve them. At the end of the report are the recommendations for the improvement of the company performances and how to achieve the newly formed goals through implementing the tactical plans. Introduction Myers is a company that deals with the manufacturing and distribution of household electric equipment. As an expert management consultant, I am writing a report for the purpose of reviewing the current performance of the company and developing strategies and recommendations that will improve the future performance of the company.

The report is important because it will highlight some aspect that needs to be analyzed and new strategies formed. Also, a tactical plan will be reviewed, and the implementation process analyzed for the purpose of achieving the new goals. A SWOT analysis will also be used in making new goals. There are several sections to be included in the report; these are for example the current performance of the company, the drivers of the current performances which are the mission statement, the goals of the company and the implementation program that is used by the company to achieve its objectives.

The report will also involve the SWOT analysis used by the company and from the evaluation and analysis of the SWOT analysis; new goals will be developed so that the company will be able to perform better. A tactical pan is also involved in the report with the conclusions and recommendations made on the company performance. Company’ s current situation The company was formed in the year 1993 with the aim of distributing household equipment ranging from valves, manifolds, tube fittings, pressure indicators, temperature indicators, and transmitters.

These among much more equipment have been distributed under the effort of the company. The current situation of the company indicates impressive performance and therefore the need for a company to ensure that these performances are geared towards attaining a competitive strategy. The company mission statement which is “ to provide high-quality, cost-effective speciality products including instrumentation, process valves, tube fittings, hose assemblies and regulators along with value-added services in a timely manner to clients with industrial applications in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Maryland” , has been the driving force of the company.

The company has, therefore, devoted their services towards ensuring that customers get the best from their service and hence they have added value to their services. The company serves some major regions where it has established customer loyalty.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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