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Executive SummaryThe intended purpose for this report is to give a detailed feedback concerning the requested advice from the Human Resource department on the best way to determine the terms and conditions of employment for employees. This report discusses the current situation and issues related to the company which include traditional assembly-line organization of work, strong centralized management control, strict seniority arrangements for pay, promotion and redundancies labor turnover and absenteeism. This report gives information of the options on the best way to determine the terms and conditions of employment for employees available to the company.

The findings were national employment standards, modern award and enterprise agreement this report explains the advantages and disadvantages of each option, and explores the consequences of the various options for industrial relations and human resource management within the company. I recommend that the Chief Executive Officer adopt the options I have discussed and most preferably adopt National Employment Standards to determine terms and conditions of employment for employees. Table of ContentsIntroduction4Current Situation and Issues Related to the Company4Traditional Assembly Line5Strong, Centralized Management Control6Strict Seniority Arrangements for Pay, Promotion and Redundancies7Labor Turnover and Absenteeism7Options Available to Determine Terms and Conditions of Employment8National Employment Standards8Modern Award9Enterprise Agreement11Conclusions13Recommendations141.

Introduction In many organizations, employees are increasingly being recognized as organization’s best assets. There has been a desire by many organizations to increase the contribution of the employees as well understand how an effective HR system operate. If an organization is able to attract and retain the right employees and be able to develop them through skills acquisition and training, then, they can use this knowledge as a competitive advantage over their rivals (Guy, 2003).

The difficulty is in coming up with a system that will enable the organization and the employee a symbiotic relationship. A High involvement work systems (HIWS) usually enable the employees as well as the organization to maximize their abilities more effectively and efficiently. Through participation of employees, organizations are able to gain a better insight into their functionality and know whether there are improvements that need to be done (Guy, 2003). Currently, there are several issues being faced by Fresh First Canning Company that have reduced the chances of having a HIWS.

This report aims at giving a detailed feed back to the CEO of Fresh canning Company on the best way to determine the terms and conditions of employment for employees at the new Queensland factory based on the Fair Work Act (2009). This report will first look at the current issues that are facing the already existing Factories of Fresh First canning Company and advise the CEO on some of the available option that can ensure a HIWS according to the Fair Work Act (2009). It will then give the advantages and disadvantages of using each option.

2. Current Situation and Issues Related to the CompanyFresh First Canning Company has plans to open a new factory in the state of Queensland. Presently, the company has three other factories. Two are in Victoria and one is in New South Wales. However, with the opening of the new company, the CEO intends to achieve a High involvement work systems something that cannot be achieved in the prevailing situation. Below are some of the issues that are currently facing Fresh first canning company and which have contributed greatly to lack of a High involvement work systems.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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