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The paper “ Asian vs the Middle East English Language Skill and Confidence" is a motivating example of a term paper on English. Language is the medium of communication between two parties. For any message to pass through the two parties must have similar communication skills. Globalization has triggered the need to have a common language for people to communicate effectively. Language has therefore crossed borders and most people have studied foreign languages (Dash, & Jung, 2005). The English language can be said to be one language that has been widely spread throughout the world and is spoken en-mass.

This has included trade and regional groupings. For a rich language the practice makes perfect and though one is taught then practicing the use of the language will help the individual in mastering it. In order to bridge the gap in communication one language has to be taught to the populations for effective communication. Learning a second language makes a person more confident and proud thus it is important. In these two regions, English has continually been used as a second language since most of the other languages never apply beyond borders (Widdowson, 2003). Whichever dialect of English that one speaks it must make him/her communicate effectively in skill and be confident while using it (Wakelin, 2008).

The history of English may be long and complicated since it was believed to be spoken in west-Germany from the dialect of Anglo-Frisian and Old Saxon but was later brought to Britain. English since then has been portrayed to be from the British (Wakelin, 2008). The use of English in other parts may have been spread since the colonial period with most colonies of English speaking nations picking on the language as the dominant official language.

Some of these countries are India, Ireland, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, Philippines, among others. The English language in Asia has been spoken in several dialects which include Burmese, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Indian, Malaysian, Philippine, Singapore, and Sri Lankan English. In the Middle East, most of the English is Arabic English (Arabish), Japanese (Japlish), South Korean (Konglish), and Russian (Runglish) which are mainly a mixture of other local dialects and English (Louise, 2005).

The English language is a lingua franca of Asia and the Middle East and its use by a majority of the population needs to be effective so as to be confident and skillful in aspects of politics, ideologies, intellect, social, cultural, and religion (Robertson, 2005). This research focuses on the English language in the Asian and Middle East regions and how it has been furthered and its impact on the people’ s confidence. It aims at identifying differences in culture regarding English language skills and confidence in that skill. This project will test the hypothesis: “ that university students of Middle Eastern cultural background have higher confidence in English skill than Asian background university students and that Middle Eastern university students have poorer English grammar skills than Asian university students” .

The project will ask the students how they feel about their English skills and then test them to test this hypothesis. Literature ReviewEnglish has proven to be indispensable as a language for international and international communication throughout the globe. According to Acar (2005) in Asia English remains used without other compromises, for example, in Southeast Asia, the language is the lingua franca for the region of ten states of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).

Due to this and other uses of English the English language teaching community globally has tremendously increased programs to sponsor English training.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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